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My Personal Encounter with Evolutionary Theory

Sat, Oct. 26, 2013 Posted: 12:06 AM

Should Be Judged by Its Historical Impact Upon Humanity and the World

I cannot and never will be able to accept Darwinism because as a black man who understands why Charles Darwin wrote “The Origin of Species…” in the first place and the basic nature of the arguments that stem from the discussions. In fact, the actual title of this book continues with “… By Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.” The truth is that Darwin wrote this book and the subsequent book The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex as a means to explain through a biological format why black people in particular could and should be maintained as slaves. What does “Favored Races” mean? The term race refers only to humans, and there have been no voices in any of the hearings that I am aware of who have pressed this point.

I became genuinely involved in this matter one day in 1996, when my son who was a freshman in high school came home one evening with the appearance of sadness and disappointment on his face. I noticed the departure from his normal expressions of cheerfulness and upbeat demeanor. He was quiet and acted as if he were hiding a deep wound that had been inflicted to his torso. I asked him if there was something bothering him. He reluctantly told me about an unfortunate event that occurred in his honors biology class.

The biology class instructor had given a lecture on evolution from the anthropological perspective. In her closing remarks, she presented a statement that included the point that “there are some races or groups of people that are more evolved than others.” My son, being the only black in that particular class, immediately experienced something that he had never felt before. Nearly every kid in the classroom began to look at him. Some were life-long friends he had known since pre-kindergarten, and some he had come to know along the way.

It was clear that the biology teacher had taken Darwin’s theory of evolution as far as she could take it without openly declaring that blacks were inferior to whites and closer to apes! Some looked at him as if they were sorry for him and were apologizing to him for not being like them. Yes, for the first time in my son’s life, he had experienced a basic and fundamental tenet of evolutionary theory—that his race was neither favored nor seen as a victor in the struggle for life!

At that moment, we both came to realize that when it comes to Darwin’s evolutionary theory being included in biology courses as a part of science, the most reasonable line of thought and conclusion is that black people are inferior to whites, who are also the superior race above all humanity. Giving my son that assurance that he as a black person is just as human as his white counterparts, I “borrowed” his textbook Biology and studied the section on evolution. I made careful notes to record any statement or wording that even suggested black inferiority!

Shortly afterwards, I and one of my white pastor friends met with the public school officials, namely the principal and superintendent to discuss the matter. I presented a list of statements that were made within the textbook and my opposition as to why they should not be considered real scientific reasoning, but more of an evidence of a faith-based conjecture, with a consistent underpinning of inferiority/superiority language. For example, the most primitive fossils were almost always referred to Africa and the most modern findings were European (Neanderthal). For me, Darwin’s theory was as though I was being given some scientific, intellectual justification to accept that I was an inferior being—the reason Charles Darwin authored the book in the first place! (By the way, Darwin held a very low of opinion of women, including white).

In addition, we now know that there have been grievous mistakes as well as some purposeful and intentional fraudulent attempts to present what was believed to have been prehistoric men, ranging from creating and entire human body from a tooth that was later proven to have been from an extinct pig (Nebraska Man) to the combining human skull fragments with the filed-down, chemically-discolored teeth and jawbone of an orangutan (Piltdown Man).

However, in spite of much evidence to the contrary in the arena of evolutionary faith, I rarely engage in the back-and-forth disputes that often remind us of re-enactments of the Scopes Monkey Trial. My focus is in providing the evidence that shows how the world has been adversely affected since Darwin’s Theory of Evolution became the fundamental belief system in the western world as well as in Asia. It truly has been canonized as being the absolute truth, explaining particularly the cosmic beginnings all of the way that man entered into this world. I therefore urge you to look farther than the arguments and consider evolution’s impact upon the world and society today.

Since evolution is the accepted system of belief of the secular world, then it should not be out of bounds to quickly recall how some of history’s greatest practitioners have influenced human history and the world. Darwin’s principles in theory have been canonized, and even things not proven have been declared true. His disciples have certainly bolstered their positions not just on providing a new argument for continued view of black people as an inferior race, but it also freed men from the responsibility of answering to a higher authority, through which they unleashed some of the most unconscionable onslaughts of human cruelty the world has ever known.

Men like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Friedrich Nietzsche preached about the death of God. These were the philosophers who laid down a new gospel of the call of nature to produce the super race and super nation, who were destined to rule the world and exercise authority over lesser species men.

After the philosophers came practitioners like Adolf Hitler, an evolutionist who praised Darwin, and his Axis allies Benito Mussolini (Italy) and Emperor Hirohito (Japan). Their individual visions of the super race and world dominance brought on World War II, and the loss of over 50 million lives. After Hitler came the communist empires of the Soviet Union, China and smaller but just as brutal leaders and governmental powers. They all were based in evolutionary doctrine, where men ruled as gods obsessed with the notion that their worlds could be transformed into utopian societies. In other words, they could create a perfect world without God! In these efforts, human life became only as valuable as those in power deemed it to be, and over a hundred million more people perished!

From the rubble of World War II arose the next group of practitioners like Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro—evolutionists who spun off smaller dictators like themselves and enslaved much of humanity for over 70 years through communism. Truly, Darwin’s work has had a significant impact upon the world and human history, where we are still categorizing one another into different and various forms and levels of humanity, still in many instances basing our taxonomy on survival of the fittest principles.

It is quite obvious that even within the civil debates and discussions today, there exists an arrogance within the ranks of those who look at all things logically and scientifically possess intellectual superiority? On the other hand, those of faith are considered inferior and weak-minded? Is this not the first step, as history points out, towards human extermination and genocide? Does the mark of an intelligent person begin with evolutionary theory? Does the mind that can contemplate the splitting of the atom, perform advanced mathematical calculations, author best-selling novels, create multi-billion dollar corporations and discover life-saving medical techniques and invent things to benefit humanity become less significant than one who supports evolution?

In all of this discussion and debate, I ask the same question that I asked the high school officials seventeen years ago: What contributory benefit has Darwin’s Theory of Evolution… made in the advancement of humanity? Has it actually added to the scientific body of knowledge in terms of concrete, provable evidence or are we actually incorporating statements of faith masquerading as fact?

Even more, as a person of color, I cannot help but to wonder if so much of the murder, chaos and utter hopelessness we find in our inner cities and in other parts of the world is not influenced by Darwin’s survival of the fittest philosophy gives justification for such unrestrained violence and devastation. Do we not say that evolution is true and scientific? If black people as according to evolution are classified as a subhuman race, does this explain why blacks can kill other blacks while the news media simply yawns? Is Darwinism the reason blacks are held to lower standards for educational achievement because they are not expected to excel? For this reason and others presented, I implore you to focus some of your time studying evolution’s impact upon history as well as upon our society today.

Through the hundred-plus years of argument, it seems that at the end of each debate there is more than likely a draw. Sometimes the people of faith win, and sometimes they lose. I simply recognize that the thing missing from the entire discussion is the input of blacks and other people of color, not necessarily from the aspect of whether either evolution or creation is true, but from the perspective of evolution’s impact upon them and the way we look at one another. Evolution now has a track record of death and destruction. It has provided justification for human misery and bondage- a license to kill without any fear of accountability to a Higher Power. So instead of unearthing the fossilized bones and foilage of eons ago, how about the evidence of the decayed remains of its victims of not so long ago?

So as I stood against evolution nearly twenty years ago, I knew that I was standing for our complete and total humanity- not partial, neither diminished in any conceivable way! My encounter made me seek to understand the genesis of man's inhumanity today, and Darwin's Theory of Evolution has played a major role in it.

Dr. Melvin Johnson