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The actual founding members of the NAACP include (L-R) Mary White Ovington (founder), Morefield Storey (1st president), Joel Spingarn (2nd president), and John Dewey, co-founder of the ACLU. Each was essentially socialist in philosophy and seized the opportunity to advance the socialist-progressive movement by incorporating the black struggle and anti-racism efforts during the early 1900's.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is scheduled to speak at the NAACP Convention being held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, but has already been criticized by liberals and leftists as being "too white" to talk with blacks. Although the much-revered organization has fought valiantly over the past 100+ years against racial discrimination primarily against blacks, many of its so-called supporters and even leaders have failed to "practice what they preach" at nearly every hand. Most recently, an undercurrent and sideshow theme comes along with Mr. Romney's visit. An important thing to note is as always, the message comes first from a small group of whites who then push the agenda and fan the flames... and before you know, the entire general assembly on the floor is mimicking the same. Don't be surprised to then see the news reporters interviewing some of the convention attendees voicing the same.

Several key and influential liberals have formed a group that has put together a video portraying Romney as an "out of touch" white man getting advice on what to say to the convention's participants. The video satire claims that blacks don't like Romney, who they say is so white that he makes "Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel." The Washington Examiner reports that a news release expresses the notion that these liberals plan to use such videos to "say things that Democrats are afraid to say, connect with young voters- many of whom are alienated by today's political climate, and give smart and insightful voices an opportunity to contribute to the debate."

However, the NAACP and the entire history of the organization has been somewhat cloudy and hidden in plain sight! A small number of the organization's masses have no idea that it was not founded by blacks as most people generally believe. in fact, most believe that W.E.B. Dubois (a staunch believer in communism, and admirer of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin) was the founder. The NAACP was actually and primarilly founded by a group of white socialists and a handful of blacks! As always, Marxists have taken advantage of desperate groups of humanity in order to further its cause. Thus, when it came to the formation of the NAACP, the white opportunists converged with black desperation in order to create a force designed to not only confront the apartheid, Jim Crow culture of tthe era, but to also further the notion of an empowered working class that controlled all aspects of ownership and production!

The four individuals shown played significant roles of leadership, influence and outcome within the organization and the African American community itself.

  • Mary Ovington White- joined the Socialist Party in 1905; NAACP founder and executive secretary;
  • Morefield Storey- First president of the NAACP; primary battle was against American imperialism;
  • Joel Spingarn- Second president of the NAACP; a liberal Republican who became a Progressive;
  • John Dewey- influential member of the board; known as the Father of Progressive Education (Note: there is an unholy alliance between the NAACP and the public education system because of the John Dewey legacy ; co-founder of the ACLU with Jane Addams;

Today's video propaganda producers seekiing to manipulate Mr. Romney's visit to the NAACP convention include Cliff Chenfield, co-founder of Razor &Tie; Eric Burns, former president of the George Soros financed group Media Matters for America; Michael Wolfson, former AOL officer and co-founder of This group is rouunded out with Andrew Zipern, former New York Times journalist. Again, they are also white, apparently focused upon the need to make sure that the black people atttending the NAACP convention not forget that Gov. Romney is a rich, white racist!

So this poses a couple of quesions for the leadership of the century-old organization: Is it truly supportive of the advancement of "colored people" or only certain colored people? OR was the NAACP actually formed by the white socialists as a means to infiltrate the African American community (including churches) and use it to incubate and the Marxist ideology. Based upon the current agendas and positions, the orgiinal founders are successfully making their marks!

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