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Obama and Democrats Appeal to Worst Parts of Human Nature

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According to the principles and actions of the Democratic Party today, the Biblical account of Jesus' parable of the talents was wrong. In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus speaks of a rich man giving his three servants various sums of money to keep for him while he went away. Two of the servants used their portions to double their sums, but one did nothing. The first servant was given five pieces, and made another five, giving him ten. The second man had been given two pieces, and made another two, giving him four. But the third man was given one piece, but instead of using it to increase his sum, he hid it in the ground!

When the rich man returned, he was very pleased with the two who had increased their sums of money, but was utterly displeased with the one who merely buried his. When questioned by the proprietor, he simply made excuses, and for his slothfulness, his one piece of money was taken from him, and given to the one who now had ten, giving him a total of eleven. This is the fundamental principle of capitalism—hard and dedicated work and effort does have its rewards!

Unfortunately, the philosophy of the Democratic Party, the rich traveler would have scolded the two profiteers and taken money from the productive for redistribution. In the name of fairness, he would take five pieces from the one who had gained ten, and give one piece to the one with four, and four to the one who had buried his one—giving each of the servants five. Is this what Jesus intended? The truth to the matter is that what makes the Democratic Party so appealing to such a wide spectrum of people today is its appeal to the worst parts of human nature.

If a person is diligent in planning their life's course—going to school, college, making good grades, getting a well-paying job, even becoming a CEO of a major corporation—then they deserve every penny that the market is willing to pay them! It requires the use of one's own God-given abilities to maximize his or her potential in life. If an individual or even a husband and wife take the risk of starting a business that become very successful, then they deserve to enjoy the fruit of their labor, and the reward for their risk! These people are utterly despised by the socialism-craving members primarily embedded within the Democratic Party, as well as the media complex, civil rights industry, environmental movement and many other left-leaning groups and organizations.

In contrast, suppose a young woman is sexually active and promiscuous during her teenage years. She becomes pregnant and eventually has four or five children, and as in many cases, by different men. She has learned how to live off of the system. She has buried her God-given gifts and now lives in functional poverty with her children, but no man. But what about the man? He dropped out of high school because he thought that he needed to make money right away! He was a man at age sixteen, and thought that he could make the world and the system work for him, but now reality has set in, and the opportunities that were many had gone. Now, both the woman and the man are staunch Democrats, and nothing can persuade them differently. It does not matter what the issues are, neither does morality apply. The Democratic Party is the political machine they are devoted to forever!

But what is the Democratic Party's appeal to the masses? What makes them so strong and influential? Close and careful scrutiny tells us that they actually appeal to the lowest qualities in human nature, or should we say—the sinful nature! For example, one of the Democratic Party's primary mantras is to place increasing tax burdens upon the wealthy because they make or have too much money. Is this not envy or even perhaps, jealousy? To simply want the power of government to act as the punisher of the economically successful bears no moral standing, and is a form of oppression. What moral position does one man have to determine how much wealth another man can have?

Then there is the question of how much of another person's wealth is a person in need entitled to? It is one thing to give to another person in order to help them out, but it is another issue entirely when the recipient acquires the power to demand as much as he or she wants! So there is an appeal to one's own greed, and when people in power promise to use the force of government to confiscate another person's wealth is no more than legalized theft! The Democratic Party's principle of wealth redistribution is quite appealing to those who are the beneficiaries, but the cost extracted not from the providers, but from those who become dependent upon the treasury is immense—it costs them their very souls!

The justification for punishing the successful people stems from the hatred that festers from within—an infection of the sinful soul. People who are fed on a daily basis a steady diet of reasons why they are not treated fairly (even though their own choices in life are never examined) will allow the envy and jealousy to turn into hatred. Once the hatred has taken root, there is nothing that can turn it, and like a raging fire, the only way it diminishes is after it has consumed all of the fuel in its path!

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