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Pastor Darrell Scott Is A Man of Honor

Wed, Aug. 10, 2016 Posted: 09:56 AM

Setting the (Historical) Record Straight About Uncle Tom

By Dr. M.L. Johnson

As most of us know, it was merely a matter of time for the race-cultists come after Pastor Darrell Scott with scathing attacks of name-calling and denigration because he has voiced his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Hell’s hounds have jumped his trail, and are now determined to sink their jagged teeth into his flesh and drag his beaten and bloodied body back to the plantation of dependent mediocrity. But before we give our silent nods of approval, let us take a serious look at what or who Uncle Tom was.

Uncle Tom was the primary character in the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin written by abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe. He was the heroic figure who drew on our emotions practically every time he presented himself—an old black slave who himself lived a hopeless life for himself, but was able to create hope in the minds and hearts of the poor slaves he came into contact with. It did not take long for the reader to realize that Stowe created Tom’s character to be the Christ figure, a person that most of his detractors could not figure out.

No, the haters of Jesus in his day failed to understand Him during his life here on earth as even the Holy Scriptures clearly state this case in 1 Corinthians 2:8b, “… for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” Similarly, Stowe presented Tom as one that the slave-obsessed South could not understand either. Only those who were truly born-again believers—white or black—could see Tom as he truly was. He was not a hater or deceiver of is people, but a conduit to their freedom!

On the same hand, individuals like Pastor Scott are continually vilified and savagely attacked at the pleasure of the Democratic Party leadership—the party that sought to remove any references to God from its national party platform. His public flailing serves as a warning to any black person who dares to get out of step with the real blacks and their leaders.

Just as Jesus was hated by the culture, we know that the Manipulator was Satan. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Tom’s final owner was Simon Legree, a miserable specimen of a human being who brutalized his slaves and forced them to grovel at his feet. He was despised even by other slave-owners in part because of the squalid living conditions he kept his slaves in. However, he was never able to break Tom’s Christ-like spirit, which infuriated him even more! Tom’s life ended in a similar manner to the passion of Jesus from Pilot’s final condemnation to the final breath on the cross.

Besides Legree, there are other character representing evil. Tom Loker and Marks were white slave hunters who plagued runaway slaves, but the most physically-brutal characters were Sambo and Quimbo. They were Legree’s henchmen who kept the other slaves on Legree’s plantation in line. Is this not the same today?

The tragic climax of the book came when Legree’s slave-mistress Cassy and Emmeline escape and he cannot find her after a desperate search. Legree questions Tom, but he refuses to tell even at the roar of the most horrible threat. Tom tells Legree: "you may whip me, starve me, burn me, it'll only send me sooner where I want to go." Legree then beats Tom throughout the night, and then commands Sambo and Quimbo to continue the beating.

Tom’s only response to the sheer cruelty is love, forgiveness and prayer for the wretched souls who were so mercilessly tormenting him. The two minions beat Tom so much that they became remorseful, and as Tom laid on his death bed, they asked for and received forgiveness. Pastor Scott has exemplified the greatest love that a believer could muster—love for God, love for truth and love for people—in spite of knowing that he would be crucified by others who disagreed with him and his politics.

Blacks who profess to be Christians, but label other blacks as “Uncle Toms” indicate their own ignorance of the correct appropriation of the name as well as a symbolic statement declaring their own distant and alien relationship with the very One they claim to be their Savior! The assumption of the name-callers is that they are headed in the right direction, associating with the right people and groups, and are bringing black America the success it wants and deserves. Any person not with them is either a racist if he/she is not black or an Uncle Tom or sell-out if one is black.

So when I, Pastor Scott or any other black person who believes in the freedom that Jesus Christ died to give us even through the expression of our political beliefs, let us think about the Uncle Tom of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s life changing novel and say, “He loved and forgave all… even those who killed him!” Then hopefully we will realize that the cabin in Uncle Tom’s Cabin was not about the place where Tom died, but the cross where Jesus was crucified! So if we were to set the record of Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin straight, as Christians, there should be at least a little Uncle Tom in each of us.

Dr. Melvin Johnson