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Spiritualizing The Immigration Issue

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Conservative Christian Leaders Using Scriptures to Promote Amnesty

If one were to simply throw open the Bible and with closed eyes plot the index finger on a verse, and decide that this is what God is saying to us today, it would be just as good as what we are hearing from many of our evangelical church leaders today in addressing the illegal immigration dilemma. Suddenly, our immigration laws—although many have not been enforced—are the object of ridicule by those who are supposed to encourage obedience to them! In addition, if one desired to paralyze the debate within the Body of Christ, simply encapsulate the argument (whether appropriate or not) in Biblical Scriptures.

Under such terms as “social justice”, and handling the plight of the illegal immigrant “humanely” and “with compassion,” it is evident that this sudden transformation is being driven by more (or something other than) an act of spiritual repentance. In fact, certain evidence suggests that even our most conservative ministers and pastors have begun to adopt the language of the Christo-Marxists who have managed to combine the message of the cross with socialism!

For an institution that has been so inconsistent and silent for so long, one can only suspect that the leaders come with ulterior motives! Could one reason be based upon church contributions from the business sector? Obviously, the more the profits, the greater the financial contributions to the ministries! So much for Jesus’ advice in Matthew 6:33 to “…seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness…” because it seems apparent that the desire for the application of Kingdom Principles is overshadowed by the quest for material gain!

Therefore, let us consider that there is another way to look at this entire illegal immigration problem… yet still operate from a Biblical perspective. First, let us ponder the possibility that America is a nation in moral and spiritual crisis, and the invasion primarily from our southern border is not the reason but one of many symptoms of a greater decay! Instead of seeing America as a healthy and prosperous nation with a citizenry readily capable of being kind to the “stranger (another buzz word),” we might be more in line to see the call for repentance by acknowledging that we are more like the Biblical Israel with its capital city Jerusalem being its center of focus. Its wickedness brought on God’s wrath, leading up to foreign invasions, internal strife and eventual bondage and destruction. The conquest of Israel and the ensuing immigration brought in cultural forces that made it impossible for the remnant Jews to organize and rebuild the nation. Just as the groups that moved into Israel during the times of exile, America faces similar concerns. Most of the immigrants from the southern regions come from non-capitalistic economies with socialistic forms of government today, who actually shared not the same God, nor culture and traditions. During that period, the capital city’s protective walls torn down!

This also means that we are not like Israel during the time of God’s blessing, but are more like the Israelites during the time of His wrath! Israel’s cycle of sin provoked the Lord to withdraw his hand of protection from them, but delivered them from the hands of the enemy when they repented. Psalms 106: 43-45 sums up this cycle of sin…

43 Many times did he deliver them; but they provoked him with their counsel, and were brought low for their iniquity.44 Nevertheless he regarded their affliction, when he heard their cry: 45 And he remembered for them his covenant, and repented according to the multitude of his mercies.

Historically, the city of Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times. Israel’s initially ultimate demise came when both divided kingdoms were invaded, conquered and carried away in bondage by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Jerusalem itself was laid waste, and the temple destroyed.

Like the nation of Israel as recorded in the Holy Bible, America is on the down side of a sin-cycle, and the church leadership today is misapplying the notion of compassion for the illegal immigrants for reasons that invite great suspicion. The message should be the call to the nation for repentance in the presence of a God who is running out of patience! In fact, there has not been such a zeal seen in them for decades! If they had been so moved with compassion during the black civil rights movement era, then how many lives would have been saved? The movement within our churches is hauntingly eerie!

Perhaps many within the church are experiencing a feeling of guilt. It would be no stretch to place blame on many of the Christian community who benefited financially and economically from the constant flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border! Neither would it be out of the realm of discussion to see churches hoping to “fill their pews” with prospective new members. Politicians certainly are salivating at the prospect of increasing voter rolls!

The construction, housing, restaurant, farming and other segments of the business community have been the primary beneficiaries of the illegal immigration dilemma—extracting cheap labor from the workers while placing the burdens of education, hospitalization, and crime upon the general public and taxpayers in general! Is this an opportunity for atonement?

In 2006 Shelby Steele authored the book White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era. It spoke of how liberal blacks used the guilt experienced by whites and transformed into a form of “black currency.” The result was the creation of the race industry where racial strife and government dependency are perpetuated as the political class and their clerical cohorts enjoy the fat of the land! Are the proponents of illegal immigration amnesty any different?

Let us suggest how to begin true repentance:

Business owners who used illegal workers pay all federal, state and local taxes due just as American citizens have to pay.Businesses and other interested parties should work together to sponsor worker entrance into the country. They should even make sure that their contractors are not taking advantage of those who work for them.Churches take up the responsibility for the basic provisions for food, clothing and shelter for the workers and education for their children. Sanctuary should be a sacred act, protecting refugees from governments intended to bring harm to them, and not for economic reasons.Families must take up the financial responsibility for hospitalization and other commitments, including that immigrant relatives adhere to our laws.

Finally, our immigration laws are representative of the walls of Jerusalem—broken! However, they were not broken by the enemy without, but the enemy within! The dilemma lies not with how the illegal immigrant is treated. It is in how we as Americans have walked away from God and the land He blessed us with! The love of money, the rebellion from God, the failure of leadership and the loss of direction of the moral compass have all led to this dilemma. We are separated, Balkanized and separated as if the day that God confounded man’s language! People of God, you are not bringing America together, you are being used as instruments of her destruction!

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