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Thou Shalt Not Steal

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Steal: To take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

By any other name, stealing is still stealing, whether a person uses a weapon to commit the crime of robbery or a body of lawmakers enacts a law that deprives an individual of his or her personal, private property, it is still theft. In this case, let us call it "redistribution of wealth!" One of the key arguments of the left when it comes to taxation is that the rich must pay their "fair share," although even the fundamental rules of mathematics strongly suggest that there is a grave error in this logic and reasoning! In this case, fairness is an oxymoron- a pliable term manipulated by those who must justify their evil in the eyes of a moral society. There is nothing fair about any effort to seize that which belongs to someone, even if it means pitching a tent in a public park!Let us call it what it truly is: barbarism!

As the system of progressive taxation has increasingly burdened the upper class, those who clamor for even more have sought to redefine the wealth producers as being the criminal robber barons of yesterday. It can be easily seen that while the lower-paid workers have been relieved of their tax burdens, it has been shifted onto the backs of the very ones who produce wealth and create jobs. No matter how legal we make it, stealing is still stealing!

But in our case, the determiners of what is fair operate under the most unfair suppositions. In a land and society that is designed to provide equal opportunities for all and a reward for personal dedication and hard work, we all possess at least the chances that no other people on the planet have! Unfortunately, the purveyors of today's "Occupy (name a city) have recklessly abandoned any semblance of decency and order. In fact, their notion of fairness merely rests within the security of ambiguity, because whenever one challenges a proponent of wealth redistribution to explain the meaning of the demand, they either cannot provide a clear discernable picture of their position and usually resort to clichéd phrases poured into their own minds by their manipulative leaders. Just as equal is their inability to clearly identify the moral authority that places their argument on solid footing. History is not on their side, but rather speaks of such movements with great disdain and utter rejection.

Using Congress to enact laws based upon wealth redistribution requires a force or power great enough to not only collect revenue, but to also instill fear and intimidate anyone who may have the notion or tendencey to object. As we have begun to witness, many businesses have delayed making business decisions up to and including hiring additional presonnel because of the intimidating policies set forth from the Obama administration. Increasing regulations, health care, unabashed favoritism for government and private sector unions, public vilification of successful businesses and individuals, etc., have produced an atmosphere of uncertainty throughout practically every part of productive work within the nation! Class warfare has never been promoted by a U.S. president to such an extent, and when that does not work, he and his allies throw out the predictable race card!

Wealth redistribution as defined by the occupy groups actually is a strange and foreign practice because its roots stem from the notion that man can create a perfect society and world through the act of government force. Should I force you to give me a portion of your possessions, or should I seek to provide for my own? Is it right for me to hire a political group to do my dirty work for me? Just because our legislators enact a law making accelerated wealth redistribution legal, is it morally-acceptable?

We all acknowledge that there are people in the United States who are poor, and need the kindness of charity to make it through hard times; however, there are also some who are poor because of the poor choices that were made. Some decided to drop out of school. Some chose to have children before they had the means to support a family. A good question then, to ask is "Upon what moral authority is it right to mandate from one group to redistribute their wealth and goods to others?" There must be some basis for it. Just because it is legal, that does not make it moral, neither should it be considered right! It must agree with the moral laws of God! For example, slavery was legal in the southern states of colonial America- legal, but immoral! For this reason, the evil institution had to fall- as it did. Another thing about wealth redistribution is that as legalized theft flourishes, it can only last for a period of time. The former Soviet Union itself eventually collapsed from within because it simply ran our of money. By the time of this event, everyone was basically poor, except for the government-employed bureaucrats who ruled over every aspect of the lives of the citizenry.

"Good philosophy must exist," Christian philosopher C.S. Lewis writes, "if for no other reason, because bad philosophy must be answered... If those who possess the inclination and leisure for the life of the mind refuse to enter the arena of ideas-- not to be able to meet the enemies on their own ground --then they will place those who have no such inclination and leisure at the mercy of proponents of bad ideas."

So as the barbarians crash the gates and occupy the streets,  businesses and homes of America, where is the voice of reason? A closing prognosis is found in Romans 10:3...

"For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God."

Within their own minds, they feel morally justified to occupy, revolt and demand without merit- some believe that they are owed simply because they are born! But TRUTH speaks without any hindrance or hesitation: that the vast majority of occupiers are merely useful idiots who have been manipulated into lawless living with ambiguous goals and agendas. They have been reduced to the lowest common denominators of bad human behavior, willing to revolt and destroy in order to get what they want, demanding at the threat of force! Genghis Khan  would be proud!

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