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George Orwell's "Animal Farm" was written to alert the world of the dangers of Marxism and the eventual cruelty that comes with it. Once required reading throughout our public and private school systems, it is time we took the lead to reintroduce it to our younger generations!

America, and the western world in general has forgotten the relatively brief history of Marxism, and the systematic collapse of the social order in Greece, Spain, Italy and the other European Union member nations signifies the great truth that man cannot create a utopian society without God. For this reason alone, I strongly recommend that the Christian community take the lead role in educating its people and the nation about the dangers of socialistic theory, where the people fall prey to the promises of government to the point where the government itself becomes their all-powerful master. In order to fully understand the impact and influence of President Barack Obama and the radical left's "change you can believe in" agenda, we simply have to go back into the chronicles of classical literature and study George Orwell's Animal Farm. The fiction novel and story are readily available in book and movie formats.

The story, led by animal characters, serves as a perfect example of how common people can be so easily manipulated by a class of political and social elitists to overthrow its current system of government in hope of establishing a system that promises to take care of them from cradle to grave. It opens with scenes depicting how brutal the farm's owner, Mr. Jones, was towards his livestock and animal that lived under his care. This is the reason the Obama administration has gone all-out to attack corporate America and practically every social, cultural and financial institution that has made the United States the greatest nation that ever existed! Not excluded from such attacks are our Judeo-Christian heritage and traditions! Like communism in every case, Christianity cannot be a major factor if allowed to exist at all! In their view, government is God, and nothing can compete with their belief system. Any opposition would either have to be re-educated or annihilated!

An animated version of the story was produced in 1954. The pigs become the ruling class and practically enslave the other farm animals.

As Mr. Jones' cruelty increases, the animals finally call a secret meeting as we begin to see them become more human and sympathize with their plight. The venerable and respectable pig named Old Major preaches to them about the cruelty of humans and the need to overthrow them and their evil system of government and establish a new order built upon the fundamental principles of equality and fairness. They do confront and force Mr. Jones to abandon the farm and leave it to them. The pigs become the ruling class, privileged and gluttonous—deceiving the other farm animals at every opportunity. Through their propaganda, they successfully manipulate the other animals to work harder, produce more and but expect less because they are sacrificing comfort and luxury for the good of all farm animals everywhere!

It becomes increasingly evident that the pigs who instigated the revolution were much harsher than Mr. Jones. A painful part of the story is that the farm animals trusted the pigs with their future and well-being. Their quest to obtain and hold onto power came at the expense of many innocent lives. Like with Russia and the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and every communist government, the dreams of utopia soon became a nightmarish prison, and the fences and walls they thought were built to keep people out were actually designed to keep them in!

Originally published in England on August 17, 1945, this fiction novel quickly became a foundational part of the public and private school systems throughout the western world, as the people of the eastern hemisphere fell increasingly into the bondage of the communism. Orwell wrote the book as an alarm and a warning as the then Soviet Union was ascending into the position of a world power—the arch nemesis to the United States, Western Europe and freedom-loving peoples everywhere. Following closely behind the Soviet sphere of influence was China, which under Mao Tse-Tung followed its own form of communism in their "Great Leap Forward." In this form of "change," nearly 100 million people were purposely exterminated! Like the slow but steady elimination of opposition and undesirables under these communist regimes, the purging of the farm animal ranks is the best way to show even the youngest reader or viewer the straight and simple truth.

Orwell himself a Democratic Socialist, saw Joseph Stalin as an evil man who preached change to the masses, but was willing to sacrifice any number of people in order to bring about the new order. Having escaped the communist purges in Spain, Orwell became a sentinel for the west. In his 1947 Ukrainian edition, he explained how his brush with naked human brutality taught him "how easily totalitarian propaganda can control the opinion of enlightened people in democratic countries." It is no mystery that our main stream media in America today is actively involved in a "Truth Blackout!" Even today, we are experiencing the extreme bias of a media desperate to ensure President Obama's re-election.

So I challenge the Christian community to initiate the study and discussion about how the totalitarian dogma of Animal Farm coincides with the events and agendas of our political influences today. Look at the characters in the story. Can you see any similarities? Who do the pigs Snowball and Napoleon appear to represent in our political arena today? How about that Squealer? Does he portray our main stream media? Is there any sympathy for Old Boxer? The work horse who worked himself to the point of collapse, but was then sold to the glue factory by the pigs? Yes, what about those pigs? They enjoyed all of the privileges of the wealthy while telling the other farm animals that wealth was evil! Any similarities?

Without a doubt, the dramatic presentation found in Animal Farm will certainly get more people thinking!

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