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Understanding the Race-Cult Mentality- Part 1 of 3

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How Black Leaders Keep the Black Community in Bondage

Crying racism keeps blacks in a perpetual state of paranoia. Minister Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP President Todd Jealous, Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Marcia Fudge and even U.S. President Barrack Obama have benefitted from the race-cult mindset that has rendered the black community dependent and helpless.

To be easily-manipulated means to be taken advantage of with very little effort, and in light of the Trayvon Martin tragedy and other current events involving racial disparity, what America and the entire world is witnessing within the black community is just that— the effects of a system that is so well managed and maintained that even its subjects now willfully practice a form of self-depreciation. This is a Race-Cult system that has been formed and perfected over the past fifty or so years. Those who are unwittingly caught up in it are normally born into it, and live under pressures comparable to those of what many usually view as cult members.

It may be seen as preposterous notion, but when there appears to be no reasonable explanation for the problems the black community has suffered from for over fifty years, why not consider any and every possible factor and clue that could lead to finding solutions to the troubles that plague it today? No one doubts that there is a pathology prevalent, but few agree on the causes and reasons. Is it not sensible to examine, inquire, poke and prod, study and scrutinize every avenue and corner of the culture, the society and every inkling of fact or clue to undue and bring to an end such a system of imprisonment? One thing is certain: the present solutions are not working!

Add to the top of this form of control and bondage an army of carefully-selected blacks who are given the responsibility of making sure that all blacks “stay in their places,” you have a perfectly-regulated culture subject to unbridled experimentation as well as selective extermination. Get to understand the Race-Cult Mentality in order to formulate a strategy to overcome it and free its captives. With great expertise and care, the manipulators have used the fifty or so years dutifully, with the application of some psychological conditioning as the Pavlovian stimulus-reward technique, much of the black community is locked in a system that only allows them to respond when the leadership commands. Anyone who speaks “out-of-turn” will be immediately insulted and verbally-assaulted, if not worse.

The basis for understanding the mindset is to faithfully and dutifully work to unravel this complex problem—a dilemma that should not exist in America, a land where men can never be as free as they are right now—to live a prosper. It certainly should not be within the Body of Christ, but many of the pastors either are part of the ruling class or are in bondage themselves. Truly, this race-cult system has been very effective in depriving nearly an entire race of people of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! One thing is certain: people should not live in a state of constant stress and turmoil!

In his book, The Open and Closed Mind, psychologist Dr. Milton Rokeach (1918-1988) shares with us an important factor that influences the cult member’s mind. He notes that there are three regions of the human mind that tends to drive a individual towards the cultic mentality:

The first or central region is that which encompasses the individual’s basic primitive outlook on the world in which he lives and asks such questions as, “Is the world a threatening place,” or “Is it an accommodating place?” The cultic influence constantly informs that the individual that he is unwelcome and hated. In far too many parts of America, the prevalent thought is that black people cannot be successful; furthermore, there is no doubt that blacks in America, on the most part, hold a basic fundamental belief that they live in an anti-black, racist society. They cannot “make it” because all of the proverbial cards are stacked against then simply because they are black.

In this mindset, there is never a final life-fulfilling conclusion that changes that primitive outlook. Even successful athletes, musicians/rappers and businessmen live under that perspective. Based upon what is shown in the media, entertainment industry, spoken during conversations and even preached from pulpits, what is the most likely conclusion black people will be driven to believe? Add to the mix personal experience, but given this can be driven by one’s own perceptions whether real or in imagined. Overall, as long as the individual is convinced that his environment is inherently hostile, those who are constantly feeding the message will wield unimaginable power over him.

The second or immediate region is the area of authority. In other words, whose authority is the individual willing to accept in matters pertaining to the functions of life? If there is an inherent hostility between the affected individual and those things which are supposed to protect, defend and support him, then an unfortunate gap of animosity will exist. The authoritative influence can range from issues personal safety, to the securing of food or the quest for social justice, to name a few. Some questions include, “Who or what do you depend upon in times of crisis?” or “Is there a “leader” who provides the guidance and comfort you need at the time?” for the cult mindset, it is usually the one who is dominant in the first region of the mind—the person who shapes what one believes.

It is normal for individuals to rely upon people who are authorities in certain professions or disciplines; however, the cult mindset requires not just those particular attributes, but must be secure with them in the first and third regions of the mind also. The most visible and easily-demonstrated form of authority that almost immediately provokes friction within the black community is in law enforcement. In many black communities for example, this authority is seen as a negative. Policemen are often portrayed as the bad guys—the keepers of the social order. In this case, law enforcement is generally seen as the first line of black oppression.

Law enforcement, especially white officials are thus labeled as modern extensions of the Ku Klux Klan or some other white supremacist group determined to thwart any effort black people might attempt. The race-cult mindset is easily manipulated and can be guided into believing even the most preposterous of notions. Based upon the underlying primitive outlook, the tendency is to believe the authoritative voice they have chosen.

Here is an example of how a person of authority, Illinois State Representative Monique Davis explains away the embarrassingly-high black-on-black murder rate in the city of Chicago.

“I’m going to tell you what some suspicions have been… and people have whispered to me… they’re not sure that black people are shooting all of these children… there’s some suspicion (and I don’t want to spread this)… but I just want to tell you what I’ve been hearing… they suspect maybe the police have killed some of these kids.”

WCHB-AM Newstalk 1200, July 16, 2013

This is only one of many examples of how accepted authority can make practically any statement and it would be treated as credible. This is why personalities such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton and organizations like the NAACP are so revered within the black community because they feed information into the first region of the mind that vindicates them of moral and social responsibility, instead of telling them the truth! In exchange, these so-called leaders are recognized as being the authorities they can trust as having their best interests at hand.

When it comes to law enforcement and the criminal justice system in general, there is a visceral distrust and an outright hatred in some cases. Because of this distrust, many crimes are committed within the black community and go unsolved not because there is insufficient evidence, but because even eye witnesses often refuse to be seen as a “snitch” or stoolie. Some refuse to become involved and some even fear violent retaliation.

Dr. Rokeach’s discussion of the third region of the mind also applies. In this thought, the individual holds the perception of who determines or influences their structure of living. The question is, “How am I doing?” For the race-cult mind, the circumstances and details that the individual perceives as being the cause for his life’s unfortunate outcome are based upon the “fact” that this racist society will never allow the person to achieve the American dream. In spite of the clear evidence that this is not true, the prevalent belief based upon emotion overrides the logic and reasoning skills. No matter what the facts are, the conclusion will come to some form of racial hatred enacted against them.

Certain words have different meanings and provoke very strong emotions within the cultic mindset. For example, the word conservatism equals racism. Capitalism equals poverty. Tax cuts equal hatred for blacks and so-forth.

In light of the task of using Dr. Rokeach’s explanation of how these three regions of the mind are affected and influenced by controlled information, there is credible evidence that much of black America has been living under the influences of a closed-minded, cult-influenced leadership since the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Seeking a replacement, black America has allowed itself to be victimized by a first-line generation of malcontents (for whatever reason) who can neither admit nor shake themselves free of the days of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement of the fifties and sixties!

But why would today’s leadership change its course? The management of nearly an entire population has been extremely profitable. For the political arena, there is no better investment—spending so little while reaping so much! Ninety-five percent devotion is quite effective! Even black pastors cash in on the opportunities. Its almost like the tribal chiefs in Africa who sold other blacks to the slave traders. Careers have been made and dynasties have been established.

These factors point to Dr. Rokeach’s observations that when the three regions of the mind are carefully manipulated, the individual becomes readily susceptible to the cult influence, and will reflect cult-like characteristics. In the case of the black community in America, no one except Almighty God will have the chance to deliver them from that form of bondage.

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