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Understanding the Race Cult Mentality- Part 2 of 3

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Four Characteristics That Suggest A Race-Cult Mentality in the Black Community

Can a cultic mindset that is based upon race be a source of so much violence we are experiencing in Philadelphia and many parts of America? It is quite clear the although it is driven by a political class, the societal backlash has been devastating.

In the first lesson of this discussion (Part 1), we addressed the regions of the mind. This lesson examines the characteristic and behaviors of one possessed of the Race-Cult mentality. Dr. Milton Rokeach’s explanation of the cult-influenced mind provides us credible insight in formulating effective strategies in overcoming the mental obstacles and winning the individual to freedom. Recognize that the cult member is a victim, and the greatest service one could render is to be God’s instrument of deliverance. The barriers that have been created for the benefit of a certain group of elitist must be overcome. Also recognize that the race-cult member is not necessarily free, but even one who professes Jesus Christ as Savior can acquire the race-cult mindset if he allows the color of the skin to become more important than the will of God.

The freedom in question lies in one’s ability to exercise his will in accordance to the Christian walk. As Jesus clearly stated in John 8:36, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed”. Can one be free indeed if race (whether black, white, brown, etc.) predisposes the new life in Christ? Is it possible for nearly an entire population of a race of people become so uniform in thinking and belief that it even has the power to circumvent even the religious system so many of them profess?

Now, let us examine this perspective. The late Dr. Walter Martin, one of the most respected authorities in cultism identifies several characteristics in cult behavior. Just as Dr. Rokeach explains how cult influence affects the regions of the mind, Dr. Martin focuses upon the outward manifestations. He identifies four common characteristics that marks signs of the cultic thinking.

The primary news sources that feed information into the black community are exclusively left-leaning and passionately support the Democratic Party's platform. The overwhelming majority of journalists have anti-Christian beliefs.
In the race-cult system, information sources that do not follow the acceptable line of thinking is rejected without question.

Closed Mindedness: in the cultic thought process, the individual bears zero-tolerance for any ideas, beliefs or principles that are outside the world that has been constructed for him. As far as the way of thinking goes, there is no other explanation for the condition of black people besides what the individual already believes. New information is rejected outright if it threatens or challenges the doctrines of the belief system. In our society, it is obvious that conservatism is seen by the black community as being the sum total of all hatred waged against it; thus, those principles and subsequent thoughts and ideas flowing from it are considered to be anti-black and racist. Conservative ideas and conversations are immediately blocked from the thought and the discussion ceases.

The cultic mind dares not to think outside of the orthodoxy and refuses to allow contradictory information inside because he has already determined that it is not just wrong, but inherently evil! Most likely, it is fear that fuels the rejection more than anything else—the terror of realizing that what he has been led to believe is false! How devastating it would be for the devoted follower to realize that they had been deceived by the leadership, and all that he had been taught was a lie?

For information about the outside world, the closed mind is only available to the sources that feed into and perpetuate the acceptable line of thinking. True, factual evidence is always met with emotional suppression and argument as the debate eventually deteriorates into straw-grasping and name-calling. The race-cult mindset is always cautioned to stay away from unacceptable information sources. For example, FOX News and conservative talk radio are absolutely forbidden! Once the leadership assigns a person, place or thing the label of being racist, the mindset accepts it without question, hardly ever becoming curious enough to find out for one’s self.

Lee Danieal, director of the blockbuster movie "The Butler" insists that white America is angry because President Barack Obama is black. Has he considered Obama's far-left and anti-Biblical policies?

In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, movie director Lee Daniels was asked whether racism had increased since President Barack Obama was elected.

“… I think that people are angry that he's president, and I think that they're showing their true colors. And I think that, you know, when Danny Strong wrote those words, "Any black man could be killed by any white man and get away with it," Trayvon Martin had not happened. I end the movie with hope, you know. He's walking down, and Obama's giving that famous speech, you know, and then I come out of my edit room and Trayvon Martin has happened. So, yeah, I think so. Sadly, I think so.”

As far as Mr. Daniels is concerned, the only reason white America has become so hostile is because a black man is president of the United States, and whatever adverse happening that may occur, the blame will be on white America. The idea that his Marxist social and economic policies have no bearing on why many Americans feel the way they do. Neither does Obama’s anti-Biblical agenda have anything to do with the opposition he faces. Mr. Daniel’s only conclusion is that white Americans oppose the president simply because they are racist! So through the closed-minded state, the individual dares not venture out of the black culture box. He is therefore limited in is ability to think beyond the boundaries he is conditioned to think, and for this reason, it causes the individual to consistently come to erroneous conclusions.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in the world stated she was racially profiled while in Zurich, Switzerland. Could the race-cult mindset played a role in the dispute with the sales lady?

No matter what the facts may be, the race cult mindset assesses and calculates, but always come to the conclusion that the outcome of the event is racially motivated. Perhaps this is what happened in Oprah Winfrey’s encounter with the shop clerk at the 'Trois Pommes' boutique in Zurich, Switzerland. When the clerk refused to show her an expensive purse, Oprah’s conclusion was that she was “racially profiled.”

Trudie Goetz, the shop’s owner explained that the flap was all a big misunderstanding caused by the clerk’s imperfect English. "This is an absolute classic misunderstanding," she explained, and went on to suggest that her employee had been trying to give Winfrey multiple options. Is a misunderstanding possible? This could have been, at worst, a clash of two cultures or races based upon what each person believed about the other. In that case, Oprah would have been correct in detecting the clerk’s negative pre-conceived belief that this black woman could not afford such an expensive item, and it was not worth her time to even let her examine it! On the other hand, there could have been a legitimate language barrier with Oprah misinterpreting it to be racial profiling.

Genuine Antagonism On A Personal Level:

Antagonism is hatred, a deeply-rooted dislike of another with little or no chance for reconciliation. The race-cult system has existed within the black community for over fifty years, and it is now controlled and operated with the greatest of efficiency with a consistent theme of racial injustice. As the affected mind is closed to those perceived and identified as the enemy, it is totally opened and trusting to those believed to be allies. Unfortunately, these so-called allies have mastered the art of deception and dominate the lives of its dedicated followers. For loyalty, the leadership feeds the followers fear. The greater the need for them, the more fear is pumped in. Along with the fear, the race-cult system also needs objects of hate in order to release the intense emotions that would naturally stem from the stress and anxiety that builds up within each individual. “Who can the misery in the black community be blamed on?”

It is recorded that in one of his demonstrations on wielding absolute power, Joseph Stalin, then president and dictator of Russia, mastered the ability to use the people’s angerto his benefit. The antagonism they held for the West centered upon the deprivation Stalin and his regime fostered and maintained for decades—long after he himself had died. Even then, the subjects on the most part saw him as a god! The following account is given to illustrate how people’s pain can be taken advantage of:

“Now you watch,” Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor and walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand. Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him and clung to the legs of his trousers. He threw a handful of grain to the bird, and as it began to follow him around the room, he turned to his dumbfounded colleagues and said quietly, “… This is the way to rule the people. Did you see how that chicken followed me for food, even though I had caused it such torture? People are like that chicken. If you inflict inordinate [excessive and brutal] pain on them they will follow you for food the rest of their lives.” (Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Can Man Live Without God?; pp. 21-22; Found in “The Philosophy of Nietzsche; Random House Books, New York; pp. 28-29)

Just as Stalin’s strategy for controlling large masses of people with fear and pain worked for over 70 years, so exists within the black community an intentional and purposeful desire to perpetuate misery and strife. When applied to the black community, practically every leading cultural indicator is negative. Education, crime, illegitimate births, drug abuse, fatherless homes, employment and so forth, show blacks leading in the negatives and lagging in the positives while the leaders they faithfully follow prefer to blame white racism instead of seeking real solutions. In other words, the black leaders only seek to manage the pain, not remove it!

In turn, there builds within the captive mind an intense anger for those identified as the source of the pain. The end result is an innate sense of justification for violence and revenge. The believe their leaders who allow and sometimes inflict the pain. This personal antagonism frequently spills out into the communities as forms of justice and payback ranging from unprovoked attacks on whites to open riots. It seems quite possible that Trayvon Martin often reflected this anger as well as other youngsters.

In 2002, entertainer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte called Sec. of State Colin Powell a "house slave" and him along with Condeleza Rice to be "sellouts" : race-cult enforcement illustrated.

Institutional Dogmatism: There is a profound intolerance for any position but for that which is considered black culture. In the race-cult line of thinking, a good or legitimate black person is one who adheres to a set of social and cultural mores that identifies what a black person should be. The forces that contribute towards such a monolithic culture includes the media, entertainment industry (movie and music), churches and mosques, and other sources of communication. Even the federal, state and local governments have found the advantages of having certain

For example, there is no such thing as a black Republican. It is an anathema. In fact, even within the black church, it is more acceptable for a person to be a homosexual than to be a member of the Republican Party!

One must follow the beliefs of the group without question or face the consequences. Any dissention is swiftly met by a merciless race-cult enforcement squad.

Bill Cosby- in May of 2004 Mr. Cosby began to speak out about the behavior and conduct of many black youngsters and their parents. He was instantly criticized for “airing dirty laudry.”.

Juan Williams- generally considered a liberal, wrote Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate. He was then called a sellout by many of the public figures and vilified throughout the black media culture. Instead of following the traditional script of blaming white racism and the drawbacks of conservatism, Mr. Williams spoke of personal responsibility and the moral and cultural decay plaguing the black community.

Don Lemon- spoke up in support of FOX News commentator Bill Oreilly who challenged the black community to be more responsible for it actions including the raising and disciplining of its youth. Music mogul Russell Simmons and others then came on the attack and chastised Lemon for what he had said.

If you would take a black child who wanted to excel in school, meaning getting straight A’s, excellent marks in conduct, dressing appropriately, and speaking English with good pronunciation and diction, don’t be surprised if fellow black schoolmates accused the child of “Trying to be white.” These are only a few examples of how the race-cult enforcement system works to punish black dissention.

The red, black and green colors represent an America unique and exclusive to other black folk.

Isolation: The last characteristic of reference with Dr. Martin’s research explains that the race-cult mentality centers on such dogmas as thinking black, being black, buying black and staying black, where the race is the foremost important facet of the human experience and the follower ends up living in a world where he and fellow believers exist. Too often, the black media works to portray the black race as a nation unto itself—a nation of citizens within the United States, complete with its own “black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The mantra for devotion to a one’s race no matter what the circumstances might be has produced a closed society within the American culture that often amounts to a form of self-imposed segregation.

On the most part, blacks are encouraged to live separated and isolated from the rest of America, using the primary excuse that America is a racist nation. Many blacks have become settled and tolerable of unbearable living conditions and poverty. Success and opportunity become impossibilities and the ability to interact with others outside of their group becomes awkward and difficult. True safety and security comes from within the cohesiveness of the race itself, and “outsiders” are always seen as a threat.

When individuals are isolated from the main stream of the American culture and society, it becomes so much easier for them to be controlled and manipulated. If the rest of America is seem as hostile and uninviting, then those who consistently preach the isolationist message are able to exercise nearly complete and total control over the victims.

One might ask whether this closed culture—this race-cult mindset is part of what ails black America today. No other ethnic group in this country is plagued with the maladies the black community faces, except for those who seek to emulate it. It is not difficult to see that there is a need for drastic changes within the black community, but the problem is implementation. Has the dominant way of solving the problems descended to a consistent level reprobate thought? Perhaps this is the calling for those Christians who happen to have black skin to look at life not through the eyes of what they are as according to the flesh, but through the eyes of the preson made new through the blood of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord!

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