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"Unionista" Movement Has Revealed Willingness to Enslave Taxpayers

Fri, Mar. 11, 2011 Posted: 10:11 AM

The term "Solidarity" was first introduced into the world's lexicon as a force during the mid-1970's and most of the '80's as Poland's Lech Walesa and the Polish trade union fought to free themselves from the clutches of the Soviet Bloc communist rule. Today, our public service employees cry solidarity in the name of securing unbridled control of the taxpayer's wallet through an alliance with government. Simply put, the government is the mechanism for extracting union dues from the workers, give it to the Marxist-inspired union bosses, who in turn give it to the politicians for additional favors in the form of unsustainable pension programs, education monopolies and fiscally unmanageable jobs programs enacted by legislative fiat. Now, we are witnessing the willingness of the unionista force to leverage their services against the public good.

The symbol of the clinched fist—the international symbol for the socialist movement—is now a prominent sign paraded through our streets and capitals by our own teachers, policemen, firemen and others whose salaries and benefits depend on the burden of the taxpayer. We have apparently forgotten that the 36,000 American soldiers killed in the Korean War and the 54,000 lost during the Vietnam War fought and died over there in order to prevent the communist movement from enslaving us over here! I would wager that the average teacher is oblivious to the fact that their own union leadership at the top despises our present way of life, and long for the tried-and-failed promises of socialism. The grassroots public service employee actually loves America and our way of life, but is easily manipulated to march and protest for benefits while their puppet masters are after power!

During the height of the Cold War, the communists leadership of the Soviet Union coined the phrase "useful idiots" to describe those sympathizers who lived in the western world, but were loyal to the Marxist movement. Being tragically unaware of the true intentions and purposes of their leaders, the unionistas have clearly shown that their oaths to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, to educate our children, to protect and serve, etc., are subordinate to their own personal gain! In fact, they have proven fully capable of inciting and even committing the violence and destruction they, on the most part are supposed to prevent!

There is a significant difference between private sector and public service unions: the private sector union is actually part of the free market system, where collective bargaining has been considered a legitimate form of leverage for workers who would have very little power otherwise. If drastic measures led to them walking off of the job, then the most serious outcome would be the loss of production, profit and income. There is no doubt that many of the benefits commonly taken for granted by people in the work force today were forged from the struggle between organized labor and the industry.

On the other hand, government employees are different. Their jobs are in place to fulfill a critical need or perform a vital service in society in order to maintain an effective system of operation. If government employees of the civil service unions walked off of their jobs, then critical services and governmental functions would cease, causing mayhem and chaos throughout a system that is not designed to lose its functionality! These positions are not supposed to be subject to employees vacating their duties and abandoning their posts. For example, if a citizenry entrusts its health and well-being into the hands of an emergency medical profession and service, it must be maintain an around-the-clock standard of care that is reliable under all circumstances. Nothing short of a natural disaster—whether pending or actual—would prevent those of that service from performing their entrusted duties.

Similarly, should firemen and policemen intentionally ignore the pleading cries of those who find themselves in desperate need for their highly-skilled professionalism if their house was ablaze or their family was terrorized by thugs?

Throughout this entire ordeal is the unveiling of a class of workers strongly allied with a political class that work hand-in-hand to take extreme care of one another at the expense of the average working class person. In the former Soviet Union, it is commonly understood that the ones who was most successful was the class of worker aligned with the communist party. The same pattern is seen even within the most miserable communist-ruled countries such as North Korea, Zimbabwe and Cuba. Even today in the former communist nations of the eastern European bloc, many former communists are striving and clamoring for the old system because it rewarded them. A more startling revelation is the fact that much of the unrest that started in Egypt was not an Islamic movement, but was accompanied by Marxist union activists!

Dr. Melvin Johnson