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A la Carte TV Could Limit Religious Broadcasting

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Senator John McCain is considering new legislation that would give American consumers the ability to pick and choose individual TV channels rather than programming bundles.

Broadcasting & Cable reports, "The bill would give cable and satellite operators the option of offering a la carte service or losing the the blanket license that allows them to carry broadcast programming without having to negotiate individually for rights to carry the programming."

As multiple media outlets have reported cable television bundles generally include the expensive ESPN sports channels. With a la carte, a consumer not interested in sports, could potentially save a lot of money on their monthly TV bill. Christians could also refuse channels such Logo, the gay-programming oriented channel, and MTV.

A la carte would also impact religious broadcasters. Fewer cable subscribers would choose the religious networks such as TBN. In 2006 Sen. McCain considered such legislation and TBN asked its viewers to contact McCain in opposition of a la carte.

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