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Allegations of Eavesdropping in TBN Court Case

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Allegations of eavesdropping on attorney-client communications have surfaced in a lawsuit between Trinity Broadcasting Network and former TBN employees Michael and Brittany Koper.

During February 8-10, four depositions were given and attorneys unable to attend in person participated by video conferencing. It is alleged that during a break in the deposition, privileged communication was streamed outside the deposition room.

Veritext, the court reporting and conferencing company responsible for the audio/video stream, has provided a log of everyone participating offsite through streaming:

  • Ted Nelson - attorney at Winters & King, Inc based in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
  • Maria Caligiuri - attorney in Newport Beach, California (Maria's last name is spelled as Caliguri in the audio log)
  • Matthew Crouch - TBN President

TBN denies any wrong-doing. On April 28 TBN filed a motion which states, "It is essential for the purposes of this motion for the Court to understand that at no time did any of the Petitioner's attorneys intercept, overhear, record or otherwise breach the attorney-client privilege between Respondents and their counsel."

The Kopers' attorneys have filed for a stay of proceedings and have requested the court to disqualify TBN's counsel. This would force TBN to get new legal representation.

There are currently five lawsuits between TBN and the Kopers. TBN has requested the court to send the cases into arbitration.

* The allegations and quotes in this article come from court documents available through PACER.

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