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Blessing of the Animals

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This week a news story from Paris caught my attention. A church in Paris that has an open door policy for animals is closing down.

The Local reported, "Archbishop Dominique Philippe of the Gallican Church, a breakaway Catholic grouping, has welcomed cats, dogs, fish, horses and even circus animals to his Sunday services for the past thirty years. 'Around six hundred' animals had attended in the past year, he estimated."

I didn't grow up in churches with animals regularly attending. Although I've prayed for pets, I've never taken one to church.

Have you brought your pets to church? How did you respond if your pet started misbehaving (such as barking)? Please let us know in the comments. Also, if your church holds a blessing of the animals type event, let us know.

Here's a photo of a dog being blessed.

Photo: Flickr/Natalie Maynor
Animals being blessed at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.

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