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Browser Plugins for Blocking Websites

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If you lack self control and find yourself wasting a lot of time on various websites, you may be interested in the following brower plugins that can block websites. Some plugins allow you to set a time limit on a website. Others completely block the sites. Often you will have a password to control changes to the list of blocked sites.

These browser plugins should work on both Mac and Windows computers.

Be aware that these solutions might be circumvented. If you want to block a child or teenager's access to a website, be aware that browser plugins can be removed. Also, your teen could download another browser without a plugin and access the websites.

If you struggle with pornography addition, an accountability service such as Covenant Eyes might be a more effective option. This service sends an accounability partner a list of the websites you visit.


The Chrome Webstore contains additional free plugins here.

  • Blocksi - Block porn sites and parental controls.
  • Christian Anti-Porn - Bible verses are displayed when you attempt to visit porn sites.
  • Parental Control App - Block porn sites and receive email reports of sites visited.
  • StayFocusd - Set a limit to how much time you spend on a website.
  • WasteNoTime - Set a limit to how much time you spend on a website.
  • WebFilter Pro - Block porn, gambling and social networking sites.


The Firefox Add On Directory is located here.


The Safari Extensions Gallery includes the following plugins:

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