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Capernaum - a Town Where Jesus Performed Miracles

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According to the Bible, Jesus performed at least two miracles in the town of Capernaum which is next to the Sea of Galilee. A crippled man was lowered into a house in Capernaum through the roof and then Jesus healed him, reports Mark chapter 2. Also, a Roman centurian asked Jesus to heal his slave in Luke chapter 7.

Jesus also lived for a short time in this community.

"He went first to Nazareth, then left there and moved to Capernaum, beside the Sea of Galilee, in the region of Zebulun and Naphtali." - Matthew 4:13 NLT

"When Jesus returned to Capernaum several days later, the news spread quickly that he was back home." - Mark 2:1 NLT

Photo: Flickr/Israel Tourism
Greek Orthodox Church in Capernaum
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