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Court Battles Continue Between TBN and Televangelist Jan Crouch's Granddaughters

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Televangelist Jan Crouch

In the past two months more than 1,000 pages in motions and memorandums have been filed as Trinity Broadcasting Network and televangelist Jan Crouch fight allegations by granddaughter Carra Crouch of TBN covering up her rape.

In November Carra's sister Brittany Crouch Koper and her former attorneys at law firm Davert & Loe requested that Koper's lawsuit be dismissed. The joint stipulation of dismissal used in this lawsuit may be the result of an out-of-court settlement.

Koper countersued her former attorneys and her lawsuit alleged that they were attempting to "discredit Ms. Koper and her husband, Michael Koper, who had been terminated for refusing to engage in the massive financial schemes that had been divulged to Ms. Koper upon her promotion to the head of Trinity Broadcasting's financial department."

TBN also sued Brittany and the outcome of this lawsuit has been delayed by the Kopers filing for bankruptcy.

These lawsuits followed a split in the Crouch family which surfaced in 2011. TBN Vice President Paul Crouch Jr and Brittany were removed from their positions following a dispute involving TBN's board of directors which included Paul's brother Matthew and parents Paul and Jan Crouch.

Carra sued TBN, her grandmother Jan and TBN attorney John Casoria alleging that they failed to report her rape to the police. Carra alleges that the California's Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act required Jan to report this crime.

Last year TBN's attorney Colby May informed the Orange County Register newspaper, "Trinity is stunned to learn of the latest allegations being made by Carra, coming more than six years after her initial report."

On November 15th Carra's attorneys filed a 311-page motion to force TBN to answer questions that are part of the discovery process. A second motion, 152-pages long, was submitted to the court to force TBN to provide documents to the plaintiff.

The motion alleges:

"Defendants wish to engage in one-sided discovery in which they are solely the ones taking the depositions, issuing the subpoenas and submitting discovery requests. Defendant has issued at least twenty (20) subpoenas, issued a mountain of discovery requests to Plaintiff and the Cross-Defendants, and has taken at least twelve (12) depositions. Defendant has failed to produce the documents regarding the sexual assault upon the Plaintiff on the basis allegations of privilege and as theft of Defendant's file on her assault, which was created in April 2006 when the assault was reported to Defendants."

TBN responded to the motions by counterfiling 2 memorandums and 2 motions of opposition totalling more than 700 pages.

The Superior Court of Orange County shows 587 docket entries involving this case. Such a lawsuit is costly to litigate.

Carra's case is scheduled to go to trial on July 21, 2014.

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