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CP Blog's Top Topics of 2013

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The bloggers at CP cover a wide variety of topics and there are so many good articles that if I included them all, this would be a really long list. When the body of Christ shares what they've learned, we can grow spiritually and mentally together.


Some countries are developing barriers to international adoption. The Every Child blog reported on these efforts as well as a book that criticized Evangelical adoptions.

Karen Farris tells a fascinating story how money is raised to pay for an adoption:


Google defines apologetics as "reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine." Christian writers defend our faith by offering explanations to arguments given by critics of Christianity.


Both fiction and nonfiction authors blog at CP.


Most of the bloggers at CP that have written about this topic are in the Calvinism camp.

Church and Ministry

Some of CP's bloggers are pastors and write primarily for a pastor/church leader audience.

Controversy: Strange Fire Conference and Charismatic Abuses

Pastor John MacArthur hosted the Strange Fire Conference to expose spiritual abuses and excesses of the charismatic movement. MacArthur also promoted cessationism, the idea that the spiritual gifts such as tongues have ceased.

Tim Challies interviewed John MacArthur.


Miley Cyrus and Duck Dynasty were popular topics this year. Hollywood violence also was critiqued.

Marriage and Family

If you want to better and better spouse or parent, there are plenty of articles on these topics.


When President Obama was supporting the idea of intervention in Syria, Christians got excited about the possibility of this being an endtimes-related event.


The idea that science can verify details in the Bible excites Christians. Jeffrey Goodman explores the role of comets in the Bible and they are tools of God's judgment. Meanwhile the topic of intelligent design attracts atheists to the CP website.


Duke Taber is a single divorced pastor. He describes how he's been treated by fellow Christians.

Spiritual Growth

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to grow closer to Christ in 2014, there are plenty of articles with ideas about spiritual growth and overcoming temptation.


Megapastor Rick Warren's son committed suicide which lead to an increase in interest in how Christians should treat mental illness.


Mark Ellis reports on the testimonies of people converted to Christianity often in places where Christians are persecuted. He also describes the trials that Christians while faithfully following Jesus.

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