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Curious Financial Numbers at Bill and Hillary Clinton's Nonprofits

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Last week The New York Times published an investigative article examining the finances and behind-the-scenes operations of Bill and Hillary Clinton's nonprofit work.

Out of curiosity I decided to examine the 990s these organizations submit to the IRS and was surprised by the amount of government grants funding the Clinton Health Initiative Inc. In 2011 the nonprofit received 79% of its funding through government grants. In two years CHII received $270 million in government grants.

The Clintons' other two nonprofit organizations (Clinton Global Initiative Inc. and William J Clinton Foundation) received no government grants in 2011.

Here is a brief look at some of the financial numbers. The 2012 form 990 is not yet available.

Clinton Health Access Initiative Inc.

Government Grants:

2011: $132,117,721
2010: $137,972,620

Total Revenue:

2011: $167,242,578
2010: $173,513,413

Curious Executive Compensation

According to the Clinton Health Access Initiative Inc. 2011 form 990, CEO Ira Magaziner works 50 hours per week for the nonprofit and earned only $17,056 in compensation.

Unrelated Business Income

Sometimes unrelated business income can indicate conflicts of interest. However, this looks legit. The William J. Clinton Foundation reported $1,289,311 in 2011 for unrelated business income. This income is generated by Forty Two, a restaurant at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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