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Gay Marriage Battle on Facebook Profile Photos

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Credit: Human Rights Campaign

As the United States Supreme Court hears arguments this week regarding gay marriage, supporters and opponents have posted profile photos showing where they stand on this issue.

The most popular logo is a red square with an equal sign indicating support for "marriage equality" - one of the newest mottos used to advance gay marriage. According to the Los Angeles Times, this is a modified version of the Human Rights Campaign logo.

The Human Rights Campaign is using the Twitter hashtag #UnitedForMarriage today to show support for gay marriage.

Gay marriage supporters are also using the hashtags #Equality and #MarryWhoYouLove to advance their cause.

Opponents of gay marriage have also developed Facebook Profiles showing support for traditional marriage. The following graphics have been shared by friends of mine. Unfortunately, I do not know who created some of these graphics or I would credit the originator of the graphic.

Credit: Michael Savage Fan Page
Credit: Michael Savage Fan Page

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