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Halloween - a Missed Opportunity for Religious Television

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Today I checked the program listings for several religious TV networks to see what TV shows or movies would be broadcast tonight.

Daystar, TCC (Total Christian Television) and Word Network are all broadcasting televangelists. TBN is broadcasting the TV special Carman: Halloween 3:16.

If I were head of programming at a religious network, I would want to broadcast a double feature tonight: one Christian film about hell and another film about reformer Martin Luther.

Today is not only Halloween, it is the anniversary of the day the Protestant Reformation began. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his thesis on the Wittenberg Door protesting the selling of indulgences and other abuses in the Catholic Church.

Films about Martin Luther:

The Internet Movie Database lists four feature length movies about the life of Martin Luther. These include theatrically released films and made-for-TV movies by ABC and the BBC.

The most recent movie about Luther was released in 2003 with actor Joseph Fiennes cast as Martin Luther.

Movies about Hell:

Some of the better known Christian films about hell are less than an hour long. These short films include Late One Night, M10.28, Without Reservation and The Burning Hell.

The ideal film to show on Halloween would be Escape From Hell. In this fictional movie a doctor is curious about life after death and participates in an experiment to see what happens when a person dies and he goes to hell.

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