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Informed Intercession: Praying Through the News

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The Bible reports that when Nehemiah received news of Jerusalem's destruction, he fasted and prayed. God allowed Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem and oversee the rebuilding of the city walls.

Prayer: conversations with God
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Prayer: conversations with God

What Nehemiah did I like to call "informed intercession." Blogger Joe Kennedy describes this technique as "praying through the news." Kennedy writes, "The news can't be our lens for the Bible, but it can be a guide for our prayer."

Rather than being passive consumers of news, we can instead pray about current events asking for God to intervene in worldy affairs.

We can make a habit of having daily prayer times after reading the newspaper, visiting news sites, or watching the evening TV news broadcasts and obey the Bible verse to "pray without ceasing."

The Christian Post regulary reports on religious persecution, court cases involving religious freedoms, and Christian disaster relief efforts. These news stories provide plenty of information for Christians to pray about.

Some Christian ministries provide informative prayer lists. For example, International Christian Concern informs Christians on how to pray for persecuted believers. Recently ICC asked Christians to pray for the people that planted 3 pipe bombs targeting a church in Indonesia.

As you pray about current events, you will become more aware of God at work in our world.

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