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John Piper Preaches Last Sermon as Pastor

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On Easter Sunday John Piper preached his last sermon as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church after serving this congregation for almost 33 years. After a brief introduction and comments about pastoring the church, Piper jumped into his sermon:

But this is the Lord’s day. And it is highest day of the year, Easter Sunday. And this is a service of worship. And it has been our commitment in all these years together to preach not ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord (2 Corinthians 4:5). People ought not to go to church to hear the sentiments or the ideas of a man, but to hear the word of God.

Piper's sermon reflected an old-school reformed Baptist tradition. The gospel message comes first. This is not a "seeker-sensitive" approach to evangelism using marketing techniques or fads to grow the church.

Piper's Easter sermon was from Hebrews 13 and focused on "six pillar truths."

  1. God is the absolutely existing God.
  2. God is a reconciling God.
  3. God is a covenant-keeping God.
  4. God is a shepherding God.
  5. God is a sanctifying God.
  6. God is a Christ-exalting God.

Video of the sermon and a transcript are available here.

Also, Justin Taylor has written a tribute to Piper's ministry and describes the pastor's humble lifestyle: Piper regularly walked seven minutes to church. When much of the world focuses on the humility of Pope Francis, it is good to know that there are evangelical pastors that also embrace humility.

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