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Photos of Jonah and the Big Fish: Cultural Icons

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Photo: Flickr/Caroline - Creative Commons

As a teenager I was a puppeteer at my church. One year we performed a musical about Jonah and the big fish. The big fish was made from very thin green cellophane. The audience roared with laughter when they saw the Jonah puppet inside the belly of the fish.

Ever since performing that musical, the Jonah story has been one of my favorite Bible stories. Today blogger Tim Challies wrote an article about how the fish story points to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the hero.

Out of curiosity I started looking for "Jonah and the fish" pictures on the Internet and noticed that this Bible story is truly part of our culture even though many people are not aware of the spiritual significance of how Jonah's trip inside a fish relates to Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

Here are some of the pictures I found on Flickr. Each of these photos was posted online with a Creative Commons license that allows them to be shared provided there is attribution.

Photo: Flickr/Glen Johannes Photography - Creative Commons
The Jonah story is known even in Hong Kong.
Photo: Flickr/Aaron Wolpert - Creative Commons
Painting shows the fish releasing Jonah.
Photo: Flickr/Sarah G. - Creative Commons
Jonah and the big fish poster.
Photo: Flickr/Jeffrey W. - Creative Commons
This photo was labeled "Jonah kitteh."
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