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Keeping Track of News Articles With Social Bookmarking

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Do you have a problem with finding interesting articles and then losing track of them? Since 2000 I have bookmarked over 30,000 articles using a system of tags. This has helped me to re-locate numerous old articles.

Before coming to the Christian Post, I ran Christian Headlines, a news aggregator website, for ten years. The format was simple: Find articles of interest to Christians and link to them.

During the previous decade computer programmers developed blogging and bookmarking websites that made it easier to share headlines ... and then Twitter and Facebook emerged.

Delicious was one of the first "social bookmarking" websites. It allowed me to categorize the articles with simple keywords (tags).

 Here is a demo of how Delicious works. This video was made in 2007 and the principles of social bookmarking still apply even though the website was recently re-designed. Also you might notice the name del.icio.us - that was the original name of the site - but it has been changed to delicious.com.

Perhaps Delicious might be a good tool for you to keep track of online information.

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