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Man vs. Cat in Staring Contest

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Photo: Flickr / 池田隆一 Creative Commons
You cannot beat this kitten in a starring contest.

Yesterday afternoon I was checking on Felix - an adorable cat. As I looked into his face, he looked right back at me with his expressive eyes. Suddenly I thought, we should have a staring contest. Four times I looked into this cat's eyes and I blinked first each time.

Cat wins round one ... but I am still hopeful that I will win a match with this feisty feline.

So then I started wondering if other humans try to compete with their cats in staring contests and found the answer with Google. Yes other people enjoy this crazy activity too.

123 people have liked the Facebook page Having a staring contest with your cat.

Carlos at Yahoo Answers asks the questions, "Have you ever had a staring contest with your cat? Who won?"

Pamela Merritt at Way of Cats writes, "We should ignore the cat if we want them to make the first move. But if we are trying to engage the cat, eye contact is one of our most powerful tools."

Indeed, eye contact is a powerful tool and we should be focused on the important things. Proverbs 4:25 NLT says, "Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you." We are to avoid distractions. That is one of the ways to win a staring contest.

Cat Staring Contest
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