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Me & You, Us, Forever (VIDEO)

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Fireproof is one of the most popular Christian films ever made. The movie shows a husband and wife on the verge of divorce that reconcile. Unlike the movie, many "Christian" marriages end in divorce.

In 2008 Christian movie director Dave Christiano released the movie Me & You, Us, Forever. The movie was based on real events from the director's life.

In this story a divorced Christian man starts thinking about his girlfriend from high school and whether or not he should attempt to meet her. The movie deals with the theme of "unanswered" prayers. The Dave character has been praying for reconciliation with his ex-wife but it doesn't happen. Why?

I worked as a production assistant on the movie. My car appears in one scene and my high school yearbooks were used as props. Here's the trailer:

Me & You, Us, Forever - Movie Trailer
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