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My Favorite Easter Hymn: Love, Crucified Arose

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Musician Michael Card has recorded 31 albums during his long musical career. His songs have often explored the topics of the glory and majesty of God. One of his best known songs is Love Crucified Arose which as about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I first heard this song as a teenager when our church music director told us about an upcoming concert with Michael Card and Leon Patillo. At that concert I heard Card sing very reverently about our Savior and I bought his album Legacy which contained this song.

The chorus of the song says:

Love crucified arose
The One who lived and died for me
Was Satan's nail-pierced casualty
Now He's breathing once again

Love crucified arose
And the grave became a place of hope
For the heart that sin and sorrow broke
Is beating once again

Love crucified arose
The risen One in splendor
Jehovah's sole defender
Has won the victory

This weekend as you attend an Easter service, be thankful for the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The song Love Crucified Arose can be found on YouTube.

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