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New Year's Resolutions: Time to Recommit

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Now that the first month of 2013 has passed, it is a good time to reassess goals and new year's resolutions. So far I have made progress this year on several fronts.

  1. I resolved to clean out my personal email inbox. Last year I got behind in answering messages so in January I took deliberate action and worked went through a bunch of unread messages.
  2. I resolved to set up a reminders system so I would not forget bills. This resolution was fairly easy to respond to. I downloaded a free program called Lightbulb for the Mac and started adding reminders for bills to pay.
  3. For years I have been a critic of religious broadcasting. The televangelists have given Christianity a bad name. So I decided to write an article series on this topic. Earlier this week I posted the articleRethinking Religious Television, Part 1.

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