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Photos: I Regret my Abortion

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Although numerous feminists proclaim that abortion liberates women, there is another viewpoint worth hearing - the stories of women filled with regret after having an abortion.

Many crisis pregnancy centers have started counseling women that are depressed from having an abortion. Support groups have also been formed to help women recover from their grief.

The Catholic Church has established one of the best known support groups: Project Rachel.

People who call Project Rachel are offered referrals to professional counselors or to priests specially trained for spiritual guidance and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. But basically everyone in the Church is a part of Project Rachel. Everyone is a part of the healing ministry of Christ.

Some women have found it therapeutic to share their stories.

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign features the stories of women that regret taking the life of their preborn child. Operation Outcry is another organization sharing the stories of abortion regret:

We have the largest collection of legally admissible, written sworn testimonies from women hurt by abortion. We can also provide in person testimonies of women and men. One of goals is to cancel, annul and reverse Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the two cases that brought legalized abortion to every state in America.

Photo: Flickr/Anna Levinzon - Creative Commons

The following two women picket an abortion clinic in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Photo: Flickr/Fibonacci Blue - Creative Commons
Photo: Flickr/Fibonacci Blue - Creative Commons
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