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Prayer Concerns: World Hunger, Nigerian Peace and Spain's Economy

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Photo: Flickr/Evan Courtney

This morning I came across some news stories that should challenge and inform us on how to pray for the world.

World Hunger

According to the United Nations, increasing food prices is increasing the risk of hunger throughout the world. Reuters reported, "UN agencies estimated that 868 million people were suffering hunger in 2010-2012, or about 12.5 percent of the world's population."

  • Pray for food to reach people that are starving or undernourished. Christian relief agencies are serving some of the hungry. Pray that not only physical needs will be met, but that the Gospel will be shared with people starving to know God.

Nigerian Violence

The Associated Press reported that on Monday Nigerian troops murdered more than 30 civilians. According to AP, "The killing of civilians comes as Boko Haram continues its bloody guerrilla campaign against Nigeria‘s weak central government. The sect, the name of which means “Western education is sacrilege” in the Hausa language of Nigeria‘s north, is blamed for killing more than 690 people in drive-by killings and bombings this year."

  • Pray for peace in Nigeria and for the Nigerian troops and Boko Haram to become Christ followers.

Spain's Economy

Spain's economy is crumbling. Bloomberg reported, "Spain’s economy probably contracted for a fifth quarter between July and September, according to the central bank. Output won’t return to the 2008 level until at least 2017, the International Monetary Fund forecasts."

  • Pray for Spain's leaders to have wisdom in dealing with their debts, for the Spanish people to have patience with solving these economic problems, and for the unemployed to obtain work. Also pray for the Spanish to be open to the Gospel.
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