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Praying for Peace in a Time of War

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According to Wikipedia, there were 10 conflicts in 2011 that each had over 1,000 fatalties.

Soldiers praying
Photo: US Army Africa / Rick Scavetta
Soldiers praying during the 2011 national prayer breakfast

The deadliest conflict last year was the Mexican drug war which claimed 19,396 lives. Civil wars killed 8,938 people in Afghanistan and 1,400 in Somalia. 6,142 people were killed in northwest Pakistan and 5,485 in Iraq.

Over the next two weeks I will be posting a series of prayer guides for these troubled nations.

Christians have a duty to show the love of Christ to the victims of these conflicts. We can provide medical care and housing to refugees fleeing for their lives.

Prayer for Military Personnel

Millions of soldiers serve in active duty around the world.

1) Pray for soldiers to come to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

2) Pray that soldiers will be able to return home safely and be reunited with their families.

3) Pray for soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and other physical and emotional illnesses to heal.

4) Pray for soldiers to use caution and wisdom to prevent as much bloodshed as possible.

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