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Protesting Abortion

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In 1993 Operation Rescue held protests in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, outside the abortion businesses. One of the speakers encouraged us to spend a day during the week of our birthday to protest abortion so that other babies might have a chance to live.

When my birthday arrived, I drove 90 minutes with a friend to protest at Delta Women's Clinic. When we arrived, there were no protesters outside. We protested alone. No Christians had shown up from Baton Rouge, a city of over 200,000 people. Eventually one person joined us - a local nurse.

What if the Christians really treated abortion like murder? Our culture would change. But sin abounds because Christians are too often silent both in politics and in the prayer closet.

Anna Levinzon has shared the following photos on Flickr of abortion protests:

Photo: Flickr/Anna Levinzon
Photo: Flickr/Anna Levinzon

On Friday hundreds of thousands of prolife Americans will march in Washington, D.C. to show support for preborn life.

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