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Remembering the Women Killed by Abortion

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In the 1990s I picketed Delta Women's Clinic - an abortion business in Baton Rouge. Besides aborting hundreds if not thousands of babies, this business was also responsible for the deaths of some pregnant women.

The Baton Rouge Morning Advocate reported in 1984 that Sheila Hebert was killed by an abortion.

Source: Life Dynamics

Life Dynamics has compiled a list of women killed by abortion. The Cemetery of Choice also provides a list of additional websites of maternal deaths caused by abortion.

So why go to the trouble of revealing abortion deaths? Because it shows that just because abortion is legal, it is still dangerous.

The abortion rights activists have often used faulty statistics to promote the legaliziation of abortion. The Human Life Institute website reports, "Another fact the pro-abortion movement absolutely cannot afford to admit is that the country with the lowest maternal mortality in the world in 1996 was the Irish Republic, with 1.83 per 100,000 live births - a nation where abortion is illegal. By contrast, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, where abortion is free for all women, have 7.72 and 9.64 deaths per 100,000 live births respectively."

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