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Scariest Christian Film Ever Made?

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If you thought The Passion of the Christ, The Burning Hell, Escape From Hell or M10.28 was the scariest Christian film, you may want to reconsider when the movie Final is released later this year.

According to Final's movie director Tim Chey, "This film is extremely violent, yet extremely evangelical. It's for adults only. The film will hopefully scare the living daylights out of this lost world in these final days."

Chey wants the movie to accurately represent what will happen in Buenos Aires or Tokyo on the day of the rapture. Chey is preparing for a theatrical release in August 2013.

In 2002 Chey released the film Gone which was also about the rapture of Christians.

End times films make up a unique genre in the Christian film marketplace. Films about the end times were being produced as early as the 1940s. Pioneer Christian filmmaker C.O. Baptista released the films The Rapture in 1941 and The Blessed Hope in 1943.

End times movies became popular with the 1972 release of Russell Doughten and Donald Thompson's movie A Thief in the Night.

This year a new version of Left Behind is being shot in Baton Rouge.

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