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Single and Alone on Thanksgiving

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Photo: Lesley Show
Second Mile Ministry Thanksgiving meal for homeless. Photo found on Flickr.

Having been single my entire adult life, I know the feeling of sitting in an apartment alone on a holiday. Not fun.

So I started looking for options and found some.

Does your church have a singles group? If so, some of the singles may be getting together on Thanksgiving Day. I have shared several Thanksgiving meals with friends from church.

Some churches and homeless shelters serve Thanksgiving meals to the homeless. This is an excellent opportunity to volunteer. Not just to serve a meal but to meet strangers and listen to their stories.

Years ago I had a friend named Billy that was dying of AIDS so I visited him at the hospital on Christmas day. If you have friends that are sick at home, in a hospital or nursing home, perhaps you can visit them and bring a smile to their faces.

Sometimes the holidays just might not fit your schedule. If you are sick right now, why not postpone Thanksgiving to another day? Another option is to invent your own holiday traditions. According to Holiday Insights, March 26 is Make Your Own Holiday Day.

Last year I decide to start a new tradition: Storytime Saturday. Get some friends together on a Saturday evening and hear their life stories.

If you must be alone on a holiday, don't despair for you are never completely alone. Jesus promised his followers, " I am with you always ..." - Matthew 28:20

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