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SPLC Activists Fail to Label Attack on Family Research Council a Hate Crime

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Is the Southern Poverty Law Center refusing to label attacks on Christians as hate crimes?

Today is the first anniversary of Floyd Corkins' attack on the Family Research Council (FRC). Corkins, a gay rights activist, injured one person in the attack, a security guard.

CNS News reported, "Armed with more than 95 rounds of ammunition and 15 Chick-fil-a sandwiches, Corkins told the FBI that he chose the FRC as his first target after looking at a list of 'anti-gay' groups on the SPLC's website."

After Corkins plead guilty, the FBI released a statement of offense which revealed that Corkins "intended to enter the FRC that day to kill as many people as possible and smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces."

FRC President Tony Perkins

The SPLC publishes a list of hate crime incidents and has not included this attack on FRC. Also the group has refused to remove FRC from its list of DC-based hate groups.

In an April press conference the FRC President Tony Perkins said, "The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has now been linked to domestic terrorism in federal court, should put an immediate stop to its practice of labeling organizations that oppose their promotion of homosexuality."

The Christian Post reported that "Perkins also complained that the SPLC is attempting to shut down reasonable public debate about issues related to homosexuality."

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