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TBN Lawsuits Going to Arbitration

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Last year Brittany Koper, the former CFO of Trinity Broadcasting Network, sued her former attorneys. The lawsuit included damaging allegations about the inner workings of the world's largest religious TV network - TBN. The network responded by filing lawsuits in multiple courts. TBN then requested that the lawsuits be settled with arbitration rather than through the courts.

On June 21st U.S. District Judge David O. Carter decided in favor of TBN's request for arbitration:

For the foregoing reasons, Trinity’s Renewed Petition to Compel Arbitration is GRANTED, and the Court hereby ORDERS the parties to resolve Trinity’s claims before a neutral arbitrator chosen in compliance with the arbitration agreement. Additionally, the Court hereby STAYS this action pending the resolution of all claims in arbitration, and ORDERS the parties to file a status update beginning December 23, 2013, and every six months until the conclusion of the matter.

I have spoken to several critics of the network that wished the lawsuits would have been heard in court because arbitration is not transparent.

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