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11/30/13 at 12:46 PM 16 Comments

Televangelist and TBN Founder Paul Crouch Dead at 79

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Photo: YouTube screencapture
Paul and Jan Crouch on the TBN set.

This morning Brandon Crouch reported the death of his grandfather, Trinity Broadcasting Network founder Paul Crouch, on Twitter and Instagram. According to Christian singer Vicki Yohe, "Dr. Paul Crouch passed away at 2:32am this morning .. Say a prayer for the family !"

TBN has posted an announcement to its Facebook page and a bio on its website.

Paul Crouch and Jim Bakker founded TBN in 1973. Earlier this year the network celebrated its 40th anniversary. TBN would become the world's largest religious network.

Paul left behind wife Janice Bethany Crouch and sons Paul Crouch Jr and Matthew Crouch (not biological). Paul's granddaughters Brittany Crouch Koper and Carra Crouch are involved in litigation with the network.

Before working in television, Paul worked at the Assemblies of God film library and production studio which produced and rented 16mm Christian films to churches. In 1990 TBN would get involved in feature film production starting with the movie China Cry.

Although Wikipedia credits Paul with writing five books, author Sylvia Fleener alleges the books were ghost written. Fleener sued TBN after her book Omega Syndrome was used as the inspiration for the movie The Omega Code.

The books I Had No Father But God a Personal Letter to My Sons and Hello World!: A Personal Message to the Body of Christ are about the life of Paul Crouch. The book The Shadow of the Apocalypse is about end times prophecy.

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