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Televangelist Benny Hinn Falsely Prophesies Castro Will Die in 1990s

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Photo: Christian Frei Switzerland - Creative Commons
Fidel Castro appears in Swiss-made documentary.

August 13 is Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro's 87th birthday. Everyday that Castro lives is proof that televangelist Benny Hinn is a false prophet.

On December 31, 1989 at a New Year's Eve service at Hinn's church in Orlando, Florida, the televangelist prophesied that Castro would die in the 1990s. Hinn also prophesied that God would destroy America's homosexuals with fire during that decade.

Christian apologist Bud Press obtained a recording of the New Year's Eve service, made a transcript of Hinn's prophecies and distributed it to Christian media over 20 years ago. Press and growing number of Christians in discernment ministries have been warning Christians of Hinn's false teachings.

Benny Hinn False Prophesies

 A complete transcript of Hinn's prophecies from Dec. 31, 1989 is available at Spotlight Ministries.

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