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10/23/13 at 02:25 PM 10 Comments

Televangelist Paul Crouch Hospitalized With Heart Problem

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Photo: Michael Koper Declaration

Yesterday Trinity Broadcasting Network broadcasted an announcement that its founder Paul Crouch Sr., age 79, had been hospitalized for a heart problem.

On its Facebook page, TBN posted:

Please join us in praying for Dr. Paul Crouch, who is currently in the hospital. Prayers for complete healing and quick recovery in Jesus name.

Crouch was hospitalized in 2011 for congestive heart failure. During that time Matthew Crouch, son of the network founders, took a picture of his mother Jan Crouch holding a letter showing that Matthew would be the next president of TBN.

Michael Koper, husband of Brittany Koper the former TBN CFO and granddaughter of the Crouches, filed a declaration in court stating:

Apparently, Matthew Crouch and Jan Crouch were celebrating what they believed was Paul Crouch Sr.’s impending death and Matthew Crouch’s promotion to President of TBN that would subsequently occur.

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