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The Question Pro-Abortion Activists Want to Avoid

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Photo: Flickr/Progress Ohio

What crime should the boyfriend be charged with if he doesn't want his girlfriend to give birth to their child and poisons her to cause a miscarriage? If the unborn child dies from the poisoning, should the boyfriend be tried for murder? If the baby survives, should the boyfriend be charged with attempted murder?

This is NOT a hypothetical question.

According to KTLA TV, "A restaurateur accused of poisoning his former girlfriend to cause her to miscarry their child is free on bail."

Joshua Woodward asked his girlfriend to have an abortion and she refused. Woodward added Misoprostol, an abortion drug, to a drink and it caused the girlfriend to get very sick.

The unborn child did survive.

This case goes to the heart of the matter. Does an unborn child deserve protection under the law? The personhood of the child is often questioned by pro-abortion activists that want to deny babies a right to live.

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