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What Do the Pope, President Obama and TBN Have in Common?

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For years I have followed closely the accusations of televangelists involvement in financial fraud. My attempts at investigative reporting have hit many dead ends. Sometimes a witness is afraid to speak or is silenced by a nondisclosure agreement.

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So I must follow the paper trail and that involves lawsuits. Normally if a lawsuit filed against a televangelist has merit, the televangelist will attempt to settle out of court with a confidentiality agreement. These settlements usually buy the silence of the plaintiffs and the televangelists can avoid an embarrassing court appearance.

Last year Linda Yvetta Enshes filed a lawsuit against the Pope, President Obama (the lawsuit uses the name Barry Soetoro - the name Obama used in Indonesia), TBN, and an interesting list of other defendants.

On August 28th the GBCN forum acknowledged this lawsuit as the "Case of the Day" and included the following description:

Nature of case: Civil rights. Defendant kidnapped plaintiff's temporal brain through micro-chipping.

Forum member textbookcase responded, "Hilarious! I love conspiracy theorists."

The case was dismissed on January 4, 2013.

Sadly, there are many people distracted by conspiracy theories. Around 1993 or '94 I attended a seminar on Christian investigative reporting at Cornerstone Festival led by Cornerstone Magazine reporter Jon Trott. Trott had investigated comedian Mike Warnke and co-wrote the investigative book Selling Satan.

Trott told the small number of seminar participants about the dangers of conspiracy theories - that people use them to misplace blame for sin and wickedness in our world.

I have never heard any pastor ask his congregation to pray for believers in a conspiracy theory. Numerous Christians still believe that an underground group - the Illuminati - controls world finance and finances corrupt religious leaders.

P.S. List of defendents in Linda Yvetta Enshes' lawsuit:

Defendant: Central Intelligence Agency
Defendant: York Rite
Defendant: George H. Scherff
Defendant: George H. Bush, Jr.
Defendant: Barbara Bush, Sr.
Defendant: Hollywood Industry
Defendant: Trinity Broadcasting Network
Defendant: Sony Records
Defendant: Barry Soetoro
Defendant: Michelle Obama
Defendant: J.P. Morgan and Chase & Co.
Defendant: Nation of Islam
Defendant: Vatican
Defendant: William and Hillary Clinton
Defendant: Grand Encampment of Knights Templar
Defendant: the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Tennessee
Defendant: Ralph Denny Friday
Defendant: David Dixon Goodwin
Defendant: Pope Benedict XVI
Defendant: the Society of Jesus
Defendant: David Dixon Goodwin

Source: USCourts.gov

*Correction made. Originally the article stated that Obama used the name Obama used the name Barry Soetoro in the Philippines instead of Indonesia.

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