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Posted 4/7/17 at 5:33 AM | Sylvie Simms

Pantone’s Color of the Year and How to Incorporate It into Your Interior Design Plans | Learn more about Pantone’s Color of the Year and incorporating Greenery into your home by reading the infographic from JC Licht.

Posted 4/7/17 at 3:10 AM | Sylvie Simms

How NOT to Fall Asleep While Driving a Semi-Truck | If you a drive a semi-truck for a living, here are some helpful tips to how NOT to fall asleep while driving a semi-truck.

Posted 4/7/17 at 1:49 AM | Sylvie Simms

The Many Faces of Personal Injury Claims | If you have been a victim of a personal injury, read our infographic that talks about the different personal injury claims and call SMSH Legal today!

Posted 4/6/17 at 11:42 AM | David Fournier

Why Marketing Automation Should be a Part of Your Email Strategy

For anybody thinking about market automation as an enabler for email marketing, a good starting point is to understand what it's all about. Traditional email marketing is about sending out marketing messages to a database of qualified contacts as part of a communication strategy. However, email marketing lacks the punch of personalization, which significantly reduces the effectiveness and conversion ratios of your campaigns.

This is where marketing automation comes in, and brings in intelligent automation of email messaging based on your business goals, the profile of the recipient and with an if-else type response mechanism that helps you sit back as your email marketing hits the auto pilot mode. The next big question - why make marketing automation a part of your email marketing function? Here are the top reasons.

Lead nurturing and marketing at a fraction of the cost

You can reduce your business' sales and marketing department's future employee requirement by adopting marketing automation. By setting up advanced lead nurturing and emailing campaigns over a few months, you can create a fully automated emailing system where hundreds of targeted emails are sent every day to qualified leads. Even with a single digit conversion ratio, you will get more leads, sales queries, subscriptions, and sales than what your best salesman can manage over a week. From a purely long term expense saving standpoint, marketing automation for email marketing is the way forward for staff intensive businesses. FULL POST

Posted 3/31/17 at 11:35 AM | Brian Wallace

Cash Flow In Fortune 500 Companies

Have you ever wondered how Fortune 500 companies manage their cash flow? Learn more from this infographic!

Posted 3/30/17 at 12:14 PM | Mark John

Multibillion Dollar Businesses Show Their Support for Christianity

Most budding entrepreneurs have been taught to keep religionout of business if they want to avoid alienating customers. This practicegenerally helps to reach wider audiences and convince more people to use certain products and services. However, some business owners choose to extend what they believe in to all areas of their lives including their work.

Christian businesses can sometimes receive backlash for publicly supporting their faith, and it can be a risky decision to allow religion to mingle with your career. Even thoughmost heed the informal rule of keeping religion out of business, many entrepreneurs continue to be highly successful while showing the world what they believe in.

Multibillion dollar companies like Jet Blue, Forever 21, and Hobby Lobby make plenty of income without having to sacrifice their commitment to their faith. Even Fortune 500 companies, like Marriott International, keep religion in their businessesand let their patrons know that they firmly believe in Christ.Although these businesses may not exclusively offer products or services related to Christianity, they still find small ways to incorporate their faith. FULL POST

Posted 3/29/17 at 11:59 PM | Sylvie Simms

Forklift Safety: 5 Factors That Reduce Lifting Capacity | The maximum weight data placard on forklifts should never be regarded as the maximum amount able to be lifted. There are several factors that affect the lifting capacity, which is often reduced for various reasons. It is important to remember the lifting capacity is based upon the load center.

Did you know you lose weight-lifting capacity for every one inch beyond the actual load center? It is your responsibility to calculate the load center for any type of attachment used with the truck, including the original one. In addition, each time you switch attachments, it is essential to recalculate the load center and maximum load lift capacity of the forklift.

To learn more about the factors that affect the load center and load capacities, please feel free to continue reading the following infographic presented by Lift Truck Capacity Calculator. We can also provide assistance with determining the load center for a variety of attachments, as well as those that are worn by contacting us directly.

Posted 3/29/17 at 6:02 AM | Sylvie Simms

The Importance of Accurate Capacity Data Labels on your Equipment | Driving a forklift or similar heavy lifting equipment is a responsibility not to be taken lightly—if handled improperly, these heavy mobile vehicles can cause serious damage both to the immediate environment and to human beings in their path.

To a large extent, safe operating procedures are a matter of simple common sense, but sometimes accidents happen even to experienced, mindful drivers. In a significant number of these incidents, the problem can be traced to a very simple cause: inaccurate capacity data labels.

Data labels are easy enough to ignore. Some forklift drivers rarely, if ever, glance at them, preferring instead to trust gut feelings developed through long experience. This is a mistake, however. It’s important to refer to these labels to ensure the maximal operating safety of lifting equipment—but this information is useless if it is out of date or just plain wrong.

Posted 3/28/17 at 11:42 AM | David Fournier

Christian Businesses Need Security Too

A strong belief in God is comforting and protects us in times of distress and anxiety. The bible’s words back this up this fact. Surely there are blessings inherent to following the Lord, including protection from evil (Psalm 91:9-12, Psalm 121:5-8). But to use these words like a sword, and expect a calamity-free life, is to invite disaster. Jesus said we would have trouble in this world (John 16:33) and we need to prepare accordingly. After all, God gave us good sense and abilities to avoid potential trouble. So we need to take precautions in every area of our lives. Our business is one of these areas and here are things we need to do to our businesses to protect our workers, ourselves and our property.

Security Lights

Security lights are lights that are placed around your property and triggered by sound or movement. They are usually extraordinarily bright and will illuminate and entire areas of your property. The last thing a burglar wants is to be lit up in a pool of light as he approaches your business. Security lights with motion sensors are essential for any part of your property that might be accessible, but especially the front and back doors and parking lots. FULL POST

Posted 3/27/17 at 4:45 AM | Sylvie Simms

Enrich Your Children's Travel Experience with Electronics | Learn how to enrich your child's travel experience with the use of electronic devices in this informative infographic by 110220volts.

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