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Posted 7/31/15 at 12:36 PM | Brian Wallace

How Has Shipping Changed Over Time?

Shipping was quite different in the days of the Pony Express. Learn more about the history of shipping from this infographic!

Posted 7/30/15 at 3:03 PM | Brian Wallace

Performance Based Marketing For Jobs

If you want to get quality candidates for your next job posting, try performance based advertising. You'll only have to pay for the applicants you actually get, which could save you money. Learn more from this infographic.

Posted 7/29/15 at 1:05 AM | Sylvie Simms

The Battle Against DDoS: Methods, Motives, Damages| Infographic | State of the Internet

The Battle Against DDoS: Methods, Motives, Damages| Infographic | State of the Internet

This infographic about DDoS attackers gives you an at-a-glance view of their methods, their mission, and the consequences if they attack. Are you informed? View the infographic to learn the fast facts about DDoS attacks, and then view the full Q1 2015 DDoS security report at <> for the latest details.

Posted 7/28/15 at 4:47 AM | Sylvie Simms

Cloud + Mobile Approvals drive Business Agility

Companies moving aggressively to adopt cloud computing are winning competitive advantage by reducing complexity and increasing business agility, according to a recent study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.


Posted 7/24/15 at 12:54 AM | Sylvie Simms

College Golf Opportunities

When you begin to explore playing golf at the next level, it is important to find the college that is the perfect fit for you. There are almost 2,000 collegiate golf programs in the United States across the NCAA’s three divisions, the NAIA, and the NJCAA, each organization with a different set of requirements in terms of academics and playing ability. There are many factors that go into choosing the right college, aside from its golfing reputation. It is necessary to research different schools that interest you to learn about each campus’ environment, as well as what they have to offer students academically and athletically.

Posted 7/23/15 at 8:07 AM | Sylvie Simms

Ways to Save Money on Your House Using Solar Protection

There are ways to save money on your home. Solar Protection plays a big role in making it energy efficient and reducing the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Posted 7/21/15 at 12:26 AM | Joy Mali

Customer Retention Strategies to Defeat Your Competitors and Increase Your Business Share

As defined by the grey hairs in marketing, it’s always hard to win a customer but it’s much harder to retain the same. Probably, this ‘customer retention strategy’ riddle has been the single most primitive challenge for the marketers.

Underpinning this perpetual truth, blue blooded B-schools of this planet have already researched on this and come up with a vital information, for small and medium scale industries, that, a mere 5% increase in customer retention rates increases the profit margin from 25% to a staggering 85%.So, modern marketers are applying this vision in their future growth strategies and bringing up massive changes to keep up with the velocity of this ever changing trends of internet users or typically, potential customers.

This article deals with the chief factors of customer retention strategies from ‘why you lost that customer’ section to ‘what should be your strategies to retain those customer’, in an informal way.

Firstly, where you lost them?
Is it your products or the service you sell? Well, I can say that, it’s the 13% of the whole reason.
Competitors? Stats say that it’s less of a reason as it’s occupy a mere 9% of the reason.

It’s true that, 68% of customers just leave a service as they are unhappy with the quality and simplicity of that. Definitely, it’s your call. You have designed this customer handling processesand responsible for their satisfaction. FULL POST

Posted 7/16/15 at 11:02 AM | Chris Linwood

The Biblical History of Silver Bullion

Apart from being totally immersed in the study of theology, I also find great importance in protecting my wealth against inflation and the declining dollar. I try to balance this tendency with Bibilcal standards. With a great love of the Bible, I would like to present to you a history of silver bullion within its sacred text...

The history of silver bullion includes its use as currency and for industrial purposes. Silver was believed to be magical in folklore and fiction. The unique properties of silver and its value to people also make it a part of the Bible. The biblical history of silver bullion adds to the intrigue of this precious metal that remains a sign of wealth in modern times.

The Bible Set the Gold Standard

Often the gold standard and the silver standard are terms referred while reviewing the history of currency. The use of money for trade goes back to Genesis, the first chapter in the Bible. The biblical history of silver bullion preceded the actual history of modern currency as we know it. Gold was referred to as good in the land of Havilah (Genesis 2:10-12) and became the foundation of a solid economic system. Silver was later used for trade and transactions while gold became a way to preserve wealth. FULL POST

Posted 7/16/15 at 4:55 AM | Sylvie Simms

The Most Expensive Materials In The World

Curious to know the most expensive materials in the world? Here is a list of these materials about the starting cost.

Posted 7/14/15 at 2:19 PM | Brian Wallace

Mobile Advertising Is On The Rise

Mobile advertising is in every app you use these days. Learn more about the rise of mobile advertising from this infographic!

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