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Posted 1/9/14 at 11:24 AM | John Dillard

Developing a Working Business Plan Towards Business Success

Starting a New Business: Working on Your Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is a key component of a business plan. This page describes marketing considerations when you are planning your business.

“I believe one of biggest reasons for the failure of so many small business owners in America is the absence of a well thought out and organized business plan detailing profit and loss projections, cash flow and the ability of a business to both penetrate a market place and to turn prospects into paying customers.” -- John Dillard CPA, A Faith Based Duluth GA CPA


Posted 1/8/14 at 11:44 AM | John Dillard

Business Start-up Issues Facing America’s Entrepreneurs

Duluth/Lawrenceville/Suwanee CPA: Getting Started on Sound Business Principles is Like the Wise Man Who Builds His House on a Rock!

"Payroll tax returns and their attendant issues are the bane of many business owners both big and small. Tax law at federal, state and local levels often leaves an entrepreneur feeling both dazed and confused. There is no greater area of need for tax simplification than in the area of payroll tax issues. Payroll tax returns and payments are due to the varying regulatory agencies at differing times, unique and special forms and often what appears to be conflicting reporting styles and forms. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the confusion to which you will help find clarification below. — Duluth GA CPA, John Dillard CPA

The below is a sample letter we might send to a new business owner making sure ALL of the tax issues are being addressed for their new business. Be sure you work with a CPA in your area who “IS OUTSIDE THE BOX & NOT JUST THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.”


Posted 1/8/14 at 8:32 AM | John Dillard

Instructional Videos on Running Your Business, Income Tax Preparation & IRS Representation

Instructional Videos on Running Your Business, Income Tax Preparation & IRS Representation

At our web site 24/7 is business news you can use grat is to help your business succeed and to keep your income tax bill as low as legally possible. Whether you need a simple income tax return prepared, a multi-state income tax return for your business, help with setting up a new business or in strategic planning for your present one be sure you work with a CPA in your area who practices excellence in ALL things!


Posted 1/6/14 at 3:14 PM | John Dillard

Be Careful of Those Looking to Lure You Into Tax Schemes

Atlanta CPA...Avoid Phony Tax Schemes

There are many perpetrators and villainous characters in the tax world.

Many people that would do anything to get out of paying taxes and to avoid the IRS. These people have made a mastery of phony "tax schemes" and are committed to avoiding their taxation obligations.

We have split the top twelve, most popular, tax schemes into the sections below:

We hope that these will help you avoid the Terrible Tax Schemes.


Posted 1/6/14 at 9:15 AM | John Dillard |

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A Business Plan is a Business Resolution & Roadmap

Business plans describe the scope and nature of a new small business, including marketing, financial management, and the business description. This page provides some insight into how you should describe the business, its products, and market when you write your business plan.

Description of the Business

In this section, provide a detailed description of your business. An excellent question to ask yourself is: "What business am I in?" In answering this question include your products, market and services as well as a thorough description of what makes your business unique.


Posted 1/4/14 at 12:14 PM | John Dillard |

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Getting Your Business on the "Right Track:" Writing a Business Plan

If you have ever considered or even dreamed of going into business for yourself, you’ve already engaged in some degree of business planning. Most likely your planning was intertwined with your thoughts about the personal issues that accompany a decision to start your own business.

As a Duluth GA CPA helping Gwinnett and Metro Atlanta entrepreneurs for decades, I have learned that the first step of any successful business is a well-written business plan. In its most general sense, business planning is all about taking your dream and turning it into reality. A business plan is the document you create when you take an idea for a commercial endeavor and work through all the factors that will have an impact on the successful startup, operation, and management of the business.


Posted 1/3/14 at 10:29 AM | John Dillard

2013 Corporate & Personal Income Taxes Are Due Soon!!!

Tax Season is Upon Us

2013 Corporate & Personal Income Taxes Are Due Soon!!!

Happy New Year…It is Certainly That Time of Year Again

Please keep in mind that corporate income taxes are due March 15th and personal returns are due April 15th. I suggest we get all of your returns done well before these dates as both the IRS and GA require taxpayers to pay their taxes as they earn the income.


Posted 1/2/14 at 11:07 AM | John Dillard

IRS Announces 2014 Mileage Rates on Vehicles

The Internal Revenue Service just issued the 2014 optional standard mileage rates used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical or moving purposes.

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2014, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be:


Posted 12/31/13 at 3:11 PM | Brian Wallace

Customer Service is Everything (infographic)

Are you a satisfied customer? Chances are, if you're not you may want to switch to another company. In this day and age of social media, response times and treating people well is everything. This infographic explains more about the state of customer service around the world.

Posted 12/30/13 at 3:22 PM | Barry Bowen |

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Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

Photo: Flickr/BTC Keychain - Creative Commons
Bitcoin logo.

Paul Krugman, columnist for The New York Times, ends a recent article with these words. "So let’s talk both about whether BitCoin is a bubble and whether it’s a good thing ..."

Is BitCoin a bubble?

The simple answer is no. There are 12,155,700 bitcoins in circulation with a market capitalization of $9,694,016,494, according to

There are 7 billion people living on this planet so if BitCoin were evenly distributed throughout the world, there would be less than $2 worth for each person. That isn't much money for a global currency.

For comparison sake Apple Inc.'s market cap is $500.07 billion (NASDAQ statistic).

Krugman quotes author Charlie Stross: FULL POST

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