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Posted 7/1/16 at 2:14 AM | Veronica Hanks

5 Ways Small Business Can Use Social Media To Boost Sales

 In the time, when internet has become a basic necessity and where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, social networking sites are our new companions, isn't it obvious that it influences us and our choices in products? It is a fact, what we see, we buy. Just like ads on television, the marketing on social media works the same way. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have the power to make a small business into a big one, in real short span of time. You just need some expert strategies for that and we are here to help you about the same.

Here are 5 ways to flourish your small business into a big one.

1. Be Trustworthy

The base of any relationship is trust. If you earn your consumer's trust, you can be rest assured about new consumers, thus increase in sales. Genuine engagements with consumers often result in loyal, long-term customers. You might also ask consumers to share their stories and insights on topics related to your industry. In doing so, consumers will feel more connected to you and your brand, and be more inspired to purchase from you. FULL POST

Posted 7/1/16 at 2:11 AM | Sophia Mixon

Vulnerability Testing: Everything you needs to know

If you are technology savvy, you might have heard the term vulnerability assessment or vulnerability testing at least once. In laymen terms, vulnerability assessment or testing is the process that computers must undergo to measure, identify, and analyze most, if not all the system vulnerabilities they may possibly have. In addition to this, it aims to produce a quantifiable list of security issues and possible measures to fix these issues.

How Vulnerability Testing is Important?

You should understand that not a single solution could completely make a system invulnerable to the security attacks. It is unfortunate to know; however, that plethora of myths circulating around the system security were perceived by most as true.

Many businesses; for example, believe that only a firewall is sufficient to become foolproof to possible cyber-attacks. This, and it is conservatively speaking, is not right. There will always be security loopholes that should be corrected.

So where does vulnerability testing come in?

Vulnerability testing services must be conducted so as to assess how cyber security solutions work and how they complement one another to provide the best possible security. Consider this: intrusion prevention systems like firewalls cannot block all viruses from infiltrating. The malware protection software can't secure the data from databases. Each solution has its limitation, as there are many things that they can and can't do. It's a matter of good balancing amongst all these possible solutions. FULL POST

Posted 6/29/16 at 6:57 AM | Lara Sen

Reasons Why You Need Of Commercial Cleaning Company

When you owe a business or any other company you need commercial cleaning. For getting the best cleansing in your building you need to hire the best cleaning company. These are the companies which are fully trained to clean all types of building. These companies have trained crews and team members who are trained to give the best outcome to the company.

The qualities that you need to keep in mind for these commercial companies before employing them are:

1. Professional- these cleaning companies should be professional with the highly trained employees in their set up. The benefit is that professionals will always be there on time and will be ready to do any type of cleaning that you want.

2. Well experienced- when we talk about cleaning in the multinational companies or hospitals we require experienced employees as they know when and what to clean. For instance in hospitals if they have experience then they will know what to do with the hospital graded materials, disposing of the contaminated materials properly and much more. Taking an instance of school the experienced company will know how to sanitize correctly and clean various types of flooring. FULL POST

Posted 6/28/16 at 12:05 PM | Margarita Hakobyan

Why Some Women Are Sick Of Hearing About Work/Life Balance

For nearly as long as women have been a driving force in the labor market, the conversation about how women will balance their work lives and their responsibilities in the home has been ongoing. But now, some women want that conversation to stop. Let's talk about why.

Women have always worked

The notion that women have only just entered the labor market recently is fundamentally flawed. Women, especially lower class women and women of color, have worked in various ways throughout the history of society. When we talk about women entering the workforce, we are really talking about women taking jobs that were more commonly filled by men in American and European society.

Men aren't asked the same question

When was the last time Mark Zuckerberg was asked about his work/life balance? Meanwhile his CFO wrote a book entirely about how women can succeed in the workplace by leaning in. Elissa Strauss at Slate wrote last month that the concern wasn't that women were asked about being parents; motherhood is a biographical detail for many women entrepreneurs. But the question was always asked in the context of their career, with the subtext being that they must be giving up something in order to try to be both mothers and career women.

We don't think the same of fathers, so why believe that mothers automatically feel they are sacrificing in both the home and the workplace by choosing to inhabit both spheres? Strauss says "Many of us work and parent, and don’t view them as a zero sum game."

Advice to "balance" quickly sounds like "good business" advice

Susie Orman Schnall did what many women in their 30s did; she left her high powered corporate career to have children, and then went back to work when the kids were a little older. She struggled to find the right balance between working and caring for her children. She started talking to other parents, and found some common advice: FULL POST

Posted 6/10/16 at 2:03 PM | Brian Wallace

Psychology Of Color In Corporations

Businesses choose their branding colors very carefully. Learn more about the psychology of color and wy it may be chosen from this infographic!

Posted 6/10/16 at 2:41 AM | Joy Mali

Ways to Keep Your Personal Information Secure on the Internet

 It has been said that anything that is on the internet never really goes away. Information is always somewhere on the internet. Many do not think about who is seeking out the information that can be found on the internet. They do not worry that someone may find out something that can harm the individual. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. There are people and businesses that are actively seeking out anything that can find out about individuals. Some of these are legitimate businesses that may not think they are doing anything harmful. Others are criminals who are looking to steal private information for their own gain.

People may hope that any information they provide to others on the internet will be kept private. Businesses do have a responsibility to secure their private information. It is also up to the individual to make sure that they are safe and secure whenever they get on the internet. These are some of the ways that they can keep their private information safe. FULL POST

Posted 6/9/16 at 6:08 AM | Veronica Hanks

Advancement in Pursuing Business Management Education through Villanova University

Pursuing your dreams in this modern era is getting tougher due to the intense competition and rising population. In this time of limited opportunity, young students often find themselves in a dilemma as to what course they should choose to study for their careers. If you are among such students worried by the diminishing opportunities, then you need to stop worrying as we are here with the solution and that solution is, a MBA degree. It is one of the best degrees you can choose, because it can provide you with all the skills and knowledge needed to have a wonderful career.

A MBA degree course gives you an opportunity to learn the various aspects of management of companies across the globe. Now, comes the question, reasons to go for business management and from where you should get a degree in MBA? Well, there are many universities across the globe that offer a degree in this field, but what Villanova University has to offer is exceptional. Villanova University of education is selected in top 100 on American college. It is the most proficient online college for pursuing MBA from the most challenging subjects. Also the faculties here are highly experienced and teach their students with the best practical experience. FULL POST

Posted 6/9/16 at 1:14 AM | Sylvie Simms

How Glassdoor Changed the Hiring Landscape | With more than 30 million users, Glassdoor is an essential job site for both job seekers and employers. This infographic shows Glassdoor's effect on hiring.

Posted 6/7/16 at 5:14 AM | Veronica Hanks

Insurance Firms Made More than $400 Million Annually After Hurricane Sandy

It's been more than 3 years since Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast and devastated the shores of New York and New Jersey, leaving many people without a place to call home. Unfortunately, many homeowners who faithfully paid their flood insurance are still waiting to have their homes restored to livable conditions, and in the meantime they've had no choice but to rent a temporary residence while still having to pay the mortgage and insurance on their damaged homes. However, not everyone was forced into a bad situation by the storm, as reports indicate that the insurance companies raked in an annual average of more than $400 million in profit after the disaster.

Royalty free photo

Business Owners Better Off Than Homeowners

According to Business Insurance USA, the majority of businesses were able to get back up and running within months of the disaster, despite homes in the surrounding areas still being in need of repair. While workers' compensation, general liability, and commercial auto insurance are three of the most common lines in the industry, a large amount of building and structure coverage was paid out to policyholders following Sandy, allowing many local shops to get back to business in as little as a few weeks after the storm. FULL POST

Posted 6/6/16 at 9:36 PM | Margarita Hakobyan

How Women's Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Are Intertwined

When discussing gender equality in the workplace, we often talk about how more viewpoints make for more flexible and diverse companies, or how businesses that have women in C-suites are more likely to have higher profits and better problem solving. We don't always talk about the benefits that women themselves see when we remove the barriers that keep them from succeeding as small business owners.

Tory Burch, CEO of the Tory Burch Foundation as well as an entrepreneur who manages a lifestyle brand, has identified the major challenge that women entrepreneurs face as access. Specifically, women entrepreneurs struggle to access capital, training, and mentorship.

Improving the ability of women to live independently and support family

Women tend to be the smallest percentage of entrepreneurs, even in the United States. When the economy slows, encouraging women to start businesses is often considered a way to jump start the economy by creating new jobs and businesses.

But when women start their own businesses, they are also creating their own sources of income. This was studied in India, where many women face abusive relationships and even gang rapes for stepping outside of the traditional role. As the acceptance of women entrepreneurs increases, women gain additional freedoms, both inside and outside of the home. FULL POST

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