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Posted 9/1/14 at 12:03 PM | June Samuel

Who Can Be Against Us?

Photo: Pixabay/kropekk_pl - Public Domain

 Who can oppose us in the presence of God? Who??

Romans 8:31 asked the question, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" There is no one, there is nothing greater than God - not on the earth, not under the earth, neither in the universe. God is the Supreme Being in the universe. Therefore, who can be against us? Who can be in opposition before God regarding His blood bought children?

No human being is any match for God. Can any human being approach God to contend with Him regarding His children? Can anyone foil God’s plan to give His child a job position, a promotion, a raise in salary, a blessing? Can any human being outwit God? In Job chapters 38 through 42 unto verse 6, God contrast Himself with man. Verse 4 of chapter 38 God says to man: “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding.” God is mightier than all. He made mankind.

Satan? Can Satan be against us if God is for us? In the book of Job chapter 1:8, God asked Satan what he thought of God’s servant Job. Satan answered God and said in verse 10: “Have you not made a hedge around Him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side? Satan could not touch Job, nor his family, neither his possessions. I suspect Satan tried to penetrate, to find an opening in that hedge, but he could not. Out of his mouth he said God had made a hedge “on every side”. FULL POST

Posted 9/1/14 at 10:50 AM | Victoria Osteen

The Place of Power

Photo: U.S. Army - Creative Commons

We all have times when people or circumstances come against us - times when we feel cheated, mistreated, wronged or taken advantage of. Maybe you’re facing a difficulty today and you’re not exactly sure how to handle it. If we look to the Word of God, we see that Jesus set a powerful example for us to follow. He was the King of kings and the Lord of lords in human form! He carried all the power in heaven and earth inside of Him. Yet, when He was about to go to the cross, when the people were mocking Him, ridiculing Him, persecuting Him and lying about Him, He didn’t try to defend Himself. He didn’t try to set the record straight. Do you know what He did? He just rested in the place of peace. He rested in who He was. He stood strong knowing that God, His Father, would deliver Him, and He would have victory in the end. FULL POST

Posted 9/1/14 at 10:35 AM | Joel Osteen

Let Go of the Ashes

Photo: Flickr/Kathy - Creative Commons
In God's Hands

I know a man that lost his wife over ten years ago. She was killed in an automobile accident. It was a very tragic situation. Of course, there is a normal period for grieving. That’s a part of the healing process. That’s the way God made us. But some ten years later, this man was still grieving. He let a season of mourning turn into a lifetime of mourning. He ended up a very bitter, angry man. What happened? He was holding on to the ashes. God wanted to give him beauty, but because he wouldn’t let go of the old, he couldn’t receive the new.

The enemy would love for you to spend your whole life sitting in the ashes, bitter over a relationship that didn’t work out, angry over a job you didn’t get, feeling sorry for yourself because of a loved one who died. It’s time to turn those ashes loose. If you went through a divorce, let it go. God has somebody better in your future. If you weren’t treated right growing up, let it go, and God will make it up to you. Quit mourning over what you cannot change. If God wanted you to have that position that you didn’t get, you would have it. Shake off the self-pity. Shake off the disappointment. FULL POST

Posted 9/1/14 at 9:07 AM | Children's Bible Hour


Photo: Flickr/State Farm - Creative Commons

"Are we almost there?" Noelle asked, eagerly leaning forward from the back seat of the car. "I can't wait to go swimming!"

"There it is!" Cameron shouted as the car rounded a bend in the drive and the little cottage came into view. Dad parked by the front door, and Noelle and Cameron helped unpack the car. The smaller children played on the swing set in the yard, and Mom swept and dusted inside the cottage.

"I'm starving!" declared Cameron when they finished their work.

"Me, too," said Noelle. "When are we going to eat, Mom?"

"Soon," Mom replied, getting out some sloppy joe meat, chips and buns. She put the meat in a pan and turned on the burner. Then she plugged in the coffeepot. "How about macaroni and cheese with your sloppy joes?" she suggested as she turned on another burner. Immediately, all the lights went off. "Oh, no!" exclaimed Mom."I must have blown a fuse." FULL POST

Posted 8/31/14 at 6:03 PM | Benjamin Watson

These Three Keys

This training camp has been like none other I’ve ever been apart of. In my 11-year career this is the first time I’ve had to go away from my team facilities for training camp. Leaving my family in New Orleans for three weeks has been hard on all of us, but spending camp in West Virginia at the Greenbrier Resort has been quite an experience. Although NFL Training Camp doesn’t lend itself to leisure, the 10,000-acre resort has myriad activities to offer, from world-class spa treatments to off-roading, if and when we do get time off. When you add in the PGA tour and the fact that 26 presidents have stayed at the resort it’s easy to see the national appeal. What started as retreat for therapeutic pain management, through the healing powers of the local sulfur springs, has blossomed into what is now coined “Americas Resort.” The recent success and growth of the Greenbrier can be attributed in large part to West Virginia native, billionaire James C. Justice II, who purchased the hotel out of bankruptcy in 2009. As if resuscitating the ailing resort to health wasn’t enough, he put the cherry on top by bringing the first ever NFL training camp to the region. FULL POST

Posted 8/31/14 at 9:48 AM | Children's Bible Hour

Wasted Paper

Photo: Flickr/Brendan DeBrincat - Creative Commons

"Brittany," said Mom as she stood in the doorway of the family room one Saturday morning, "you've wasted half the day watching cartoons. How about doing something constructive, like writing a letter to Great-Grandma Nelson?"

"Do I have to?" Brittany whined. "I get tired of writing letters to Grandma. Besides, she hardly ever writes back. Can't I text her or send an email?"

"You know how hard it is for her to write with the arthritis she has in her hands, but she isn't into electronic devices," Mom reminded her. "And you know how much she enjoys getting letters. It makes her feel good to find mail in her box and to know someone's thinking of her. She says it's better than a phone call because she can read it over and over again."

"Okay," agreed Brittany. She went to the family room, and looked for writing paper. "Sophie scribbled on everything," she grumbled to herself. After gathering the sheets of paper, Brittany went to the kitchen. "Look, Mom!" she said."Sophie scribbled with crayons over all of these sheets." Brittany dumped the bundle on the kitchen table. "What a mess!" FULL POST

Posted 8/30/14 at 9:06 PM | Children's Bible Hour

Kool Kats?

Photo: Pixabay/OpenClips - Public Domain

"I was invited to join the Kool Kats Klub," Alex proudly announced one night. "Ain't that cool?"

"Isn't that cool," Mom corrected him. "I don't know. What do these Kats do?"

Alex shrugged. "They have meetings and talk and . . . and do stuff together," he said vaguely. "I don't really know them, but it sounds pretty cool to me."

"Better check them out before you decide to join them," Dad warned.

Again Alex shrugged as he looked at the plate of food his mother set before him. "What is this?" he asked. He wrinkled his nose as he sniffed the food.

"It's a new recipe," said Mom. "It's called Continental Chicken. That sounds cool to me! Eat it up."

"I'll check it out," said Alex doubtfully. "He took a very small bite--then tried a little more. "This is good," he decided, "but I don't like the mushrooms. Do I have to eat them?" FULL POST

Posted 8/29/14 at 9:24 AM | Children's Bible Hour

A Better Ride

Photo: Flickr/swimstud1386 - Creative Commons

Devon and his friend Max looked around the playground on their first day in second grade. Max pointed out two empty swings. "Hey! Let's go swing!" he said.

"Okay!" Devon agreed.

The boys ran toward the swings, and as they got closer, Devon saw that one swing was higher than the other. I want the high one, he thought. It'll go a lot higher than the low one. So he ran as fast as he could and grabbed the higher swing.

The boys scrambled onto the swing seats and pumped themselves higher and higher into the air. Devon looked at Max and frowned. He's going higher than I am, he thought, so he pumped harder. But no matter how hard Devon worked, he could see that Max was getting a better swing ride than he was.

At dinner that evening, Devon told his family all about his first day at school and the swing ride. "I thought the high swing would go higher than the lower one," he said. "Why didn't it?" FULL POST

Posted 8/28/14 at 8:50 AM | Children's Bible Hour


Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

As fire swept through the wheat field, Paige watched in horror. "We've lost the crop, haven't we, Mom?" she asked in a shaky voice.

Mom nodded. "Yes," she said, "I'm afraid so. The firefighters believe the fire started in a vacant field. They think some kids were playing with matches. One little match used carelessly certainly can cause a lot of damage."

"I'm just thankful we were able to keep the fire from spreading any more than it did--to other fields or to the buildings," commented Dad.

"I hope the police find out who started it and punish them," Paige stated angrily.

That evening as the family discussed the events of the day, the phone rang. Paige answered the call. After telling her friend Rachel about the fire, the girls talked about a new girl in their class at school.

When Paige hung up the phone, Mom looked at her thoughtfully. "The fire this afternoon was pretty destructive," said Mom, "but I'm afraid you may have started--or added to--a fire that could become even worse." FULL POST

Posted 8/27/14 at 9:02 AM | Children's Bible Hour

No Taking Back

Photo: Flickr/Nate Steiner - Creative Commons

Heather makes me so mad! Tami fumed as she walked home from Heather's house. The two friends had argued, and now Tami thought of more things she wished she had said to Heather--and they weren't nice. Well, I'm not going back there. I'll text her and tell her what I think of her, she thought. All the way home, Tami planned what she'd say.

"That'll fix her," muttered Tami after sending an angry note to her friend. But as she headed for the kitchen, she felt bad. Heather had been her best friend for a very long time.

Mom was preparing dinner when Tami sat down on a stool at the kitchen counter. Mom glanced at her. "Problems?" Mom asked. "You don't look happy."

"I . . . I . . ." began Tami, and the story came out. "I shouldn't have sent that message," she said. "Maybe she didn't see it yet. How can I get her to not read it?" FULL POST

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