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Christian Singer Vicky Beeching Comes Out as Gay

Photo: Greg on the Run - Creative Commons
Vicky Beeching performing.

After struggling with same-sex attraction through her teen years and twenties, the Christian singer Vicky Beeching recently came out as gay in an interview with the London Independent. "I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people."

In December the singer from the UK announced her support for gay marriage. In April Beeching wrote on her blog, "Many of you from a non-religious background will think 'Great, so what?'. Many 'liberal' Christians will also think 'Great, so what?' But for me, since sharing my views, (pardon the pun) all hell has broken loose. My inbox has been overwhelmed with angry messages. I'm now daily called a 'heretic', a 'false prophet', a 'massive disappointment to the evangelical church' and many other names too inappropriate to print." FULL POST

Posted 8/14/14 at 2:30 PM | Dave Christiano

Christian Filmmaker Addresses Depression in TV Series

Actor Shane Willimon plays a radio talk show host that receives a call from a woman struggling with depression.

A severely depressed 29 year-old woman calls in a late night radio talk show. She is single and a Christian, but feels like God doesn't hear her prayers or help in any way! What does the talk show host tell her?

That's the scenario writer Dave Christiano set up with "On The Air," a special dramatic episode from the TV series, 7th Street Theater.

"What do you tell a person like that," said Christiano. "How do you keep a person from committing suicide? How does a person get so depressed? And where is God in all of this?"

Clip from 7th Street Theater Episode "On the Air"

In dealing with depression, Christiano's research offers the following: FULL POST

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Donnie McClurkin Joins Family and Friends to Say Farewell to Sherri Shepherd on The View

Lou Rocco/ABC
(Pictured l to r:) Kirk Franklin, Arsenio Hall, Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd,Donnie McClurkin, Whoopi Goldberg and Yolanda Adams.


McClurkin, Dorinda Clark-Cole, And Tye Tribett’s Extended Version of Sunday Best PerformanceDraws Extra Stellar Voices the Stage

Los Angeles, CA (August 11, 2014) - Long-time Co-Host , Sherri Shepherd, of ABC’s Daytime talk show, The View said her good-byes and thank you(s)for her last episode that aired this week. Shepherd invited her favorite gospel singers: Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin to close out the old and ring in the new with an inspiring musical performance. She was serenaded with a beautiful rendition of Michael W. Smith’s classic “A Friend’s A Friend Forever.” Other friends that surprised Shepherd for the farewell show was comedian; Arsenio Hall and R&B group Bev, Biv and DeVoe. FULL POST

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Nancey Jackson Johnson Kicks Off The Heart Tour


Nancey Set for In-Studio Performance and Interview at SiriusXM New YorkFor Popular Inspirational Show “Praise “…And Makes an Appearance On the 34th Season of BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel

Los Angeles, CA (August 8, 2014) - Since the sold-out CD release party at B.B. King Bar & Grillin New York’s Time Square and the release of her first project The Heart of Nancey Jackson Johnson on Camdon Music ; the singer/songwriter Nancey J. Johnson has shifted her promotion team into full gear. The Heart Tour is scheduled to kick off Sunday, August 17th at Church Without Walls in Long Island with dates booked through December. For churches interested in participating in the tour, The Heart Tour offers: Time of Passionate Worship, Track or Live Band Ministry dates, Music for Special Events, Workshops designed for Music Ministry Departments, Concerts and Sunday Morning Worship. For more booking details visit www.nanceyjacksonjohnson.com.


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When a Favorite Actress Committed Suicide

Shayne Kohout in Arden, North Carolina, after a day of shooting on an episode of 7th Street Theater.

My Facebook feed is filled with comments about and photos of Robin Williams. According to press accounts, the 63-year-old actor committed suicide. Some of my friends in the entertainment industry are sharing stories of sadness about the funny comedian that inspired them.

When suicide occurs, people close to the death often struggle with no sense of closure.

Four years ago one of my favorite actresses committed suicide. Shayne Kohout appeared in the movies Mandie and the Secret Tunnel and Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure. Shayne also performed on the stage where her talents could shine.

I was a production assistant on the TV Series 7th Street Theater when Shayne auditioned for a new role. Anyone that has viewed numerous audition reels would recognize her as a natural talent. Shayne acted in 23 episodes. FULL POST

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Stealing On Screen

Traveling abroad, for many tourists, is a time to be carefree, take in the gorgeous sights, and relax. This creates the perfect environment for one of the oldest criminal acts: pickpocketing. Pickpockets look for easy targets such as tourists. Tourists are great targets for pickpockets because they are often jet-lagged, unaware of their environment, and dressed to stick out easily. But, with a bit of caution and knowledge, any tourist can travel and enjoy the sights without becoming a victim of a pickpocket.


Posted 8/5/14 at 10:40 AM | Karen Farris

Got Satisfaction?

USA Network's Satisfaction

                                               “They have everything but are still not satisfied.”

Summertime viewers on USA channel (10:00 pm Thursdays) are finding how wayward spouses can find some Satisfaction. The show is chock full of adultery, lies, drugs, and cheating. And this is the foundation for satisfaction? Apparently it is for Hollywood.

Explicit sex scenes give this show a pornographic appeal for desperately lost souls. The show’s main characters have zero remorse over their adultery as they continue their search for satisfaction. It’s no surprise that Hollywood continues to push a diet heavily laden with casual sex with multiple partners.

While Christians find this reprehensible, do we remain silent while these shows air? One way to make our voices heard is through demanding better television standards from Satisfaction’s sponsors—Dyson, Jaguar, Geico, State Farm, Target, and Subaru. One Million Moms makes it easy. Click Here to send your letter and join others in standing up to a Satisfaction that we know will never satisfy.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy – Beware

My measure of a movie’s worth has a lot to do with it’s “take away value”, a fresh perspective, you might say. For me, The Guardians of the Galaxy was more of a walk-away-as-quickly-as-possible-and-try-to-forget-most-of-what-you-just-saw experience.

Let’s take the first scene: A boy is listening to music as his mother lays dying. The viewer is taken through a very emotionally charged death scene – then the little boy, in grief and rage, runs outside and is suddenly snatched away by aliens. Upsetting to say the least, but me, heroic viewer that I am, forged on. Next I was presented with a Darth Vader type who suddenly morphs into a good looking guy (the little boy grown up) listening to the same hit tunes on his little recorder that I saw in the first scene…as he dances about a cave-of-my-nightmares kicking rats in step with the beat. Deep breathing exercises needed here.

OK, first of all, my heart is still on earth with the family of the dead mother. I’m still wondering how they are dealing with the loss of their daughter/sister/aunt/friend and also coping with the sudden, obviously unexplained, disappearance of their little boy. My heart is back there not really ready for drop kicking rat tunes. The slight intellectual discomfort I feel about the recorder still working after 20+ years is just a bump in the road. I’m thinking some nice alien fixed it for him when he was twelve or something. Now there’s a scene I might actually have enjoyed seeing, if it existed, to give me some back story and an emotional transition from grief to a new life on an alien planet. But things just get worse. FULL POST

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What It's Like Working on a Christian TV Series

7th Street Theater

In the summer of 1979 I saw a Christian film and thought, "I could become a Christian filmmaker." That summer my church showed a Christian film each Sunday night by pioneer filmmaker Ken Anderson.

Twenty five years later I got a job working on the TV series 7th Street Theater. Producer and Director Dave Christiano developed the series about a group of actors at a community theater performing skits to share their faith.

Production began in November 2004. The final day of shooting was July 31, 2009. We shot three seasons and a total of 64 episodes which aired on the religious TV networks.

All of the episodes were shot in a warehouse in Arden, North Carolina. The sets included theater seats, theater stage, green room, prop construction room and secretary's office.

Our actors worked part-time on the TV series. We had to shoot around their schedules. Since 7th Street Theater was a nonunion production, the crew gained experience working in a variety of different roles. I worked as production assistant, dolly grip, occasionally operated a boom microphone, read lines to actors off-screen and closed caption the episodes. FULL POST

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Kevin LeVar Leaves Impact on Hollywood


 LeVar Returns to Dream Center Where Upcoming Release was Recorded and Wrapped UpDestiny Weekend


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