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Posted 8/27/15 at 2:34 PM | Sunny Shell

Controversial New Movie on Homosexuality to be Advertised in the Skies over San Francisco

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25, 2015 – San Francisco residents may look up to see a rainbow in the sky next week, but it won’t indicate the typical support for gay rights. A new movie that over 1,000 LGBT supporters have warned the public not to watch will be advertised on a banner for two days over San Francisco.

While pro-LGBT viewers have slammed the film on online review sites, the film’s producer is not deterred. Ray Comfort, whose movies have been seen by millions, said, “Despite the calls for censorship and displays of intolerance, we’re hoping people will be open-minded enough to watch the film and come to their own conclusion.”

As the best-selling author noted, not all perceive the movie to be heavy-handed. One viewer commented, “I have to say, as a gay woman who watched Audacity, I agree that the topic was handled with love and compassion which was refreshing to see…the message was clear (even if it was one I disagreed with as an atheist).” FULL POST

Posted 8/14/15 at 1:10 PM | Brian Wallace

What would it take to break the internet in reality?

Sharks are constantly attacking the internet, but there are a lot of other ways the internet can be broken. Learn more about the internet's vilnerabilities from this infographic.

Posted 7/15/15 at 5:33 AM | Joy Mali

Watching Hola!TV is a Welcome Break from Summertime Blues

When the weather outside heats up in July, one sure way to beat the heat is to watch a movie in an air-conditioned theater. Or, if nothing at the local theater interests you, you can always watch TV online in the comfort of your own home. Television and the internet can bring many hours of sizzling programs right into your home, day or night. There is no waiting in line, no sold-out shows, and no hassles with trying to find a place to park. Just turn on your monitor, grab a cool drink, and enjoy all of the popular shows to watch on Hola! TV.

If You Like Hola! Magazine, You Will Love Hola!TV

Hola! was founded in Spain more than 70 years ago, and it maintains its headquarters in Madrid. But the growth of the brand has extended to both sides of the Atlantic, and Hola! is now published in Argentina, Mexico, and even Canada! Between the original Spanish publication and its sister publications, the circulation of Hola! is roughly a million copies a week. With so much history to draw on, it is not surprising that Hola!TV was launched, to bring the excitement and the glamour of the print version into homes far and wide. FULL POST

Posted 7/8/15 at 1:35 PM | Prayer Concerns

Prayer List: New Christian Movies Coming to Local Theaters

Before the summer ends two new Christian films will be released in American theaters. These movies provide the Church with unique missions and discipleship opportunities. Perhaps you can invite a friend to watch them or bring a Bible study or youth group to the theater. Join us in praying for the audiences that watch these movies.

On August 10th Beyond the Farthest Star opens in select theaters. The movie is about Pastor Adam Wells' dying dreams of greatness and his broken family that is forced to confront their dark secrets.

Adam's self-worth and identity have been distorted by the failure to earn his father's approval and he fears losing his pastorate due to his daughter's rebellious behavior.

In an interview with Christian Cinema, movie director Andrew Librizzi said, "I think oftentimes when we mess up our priorities, it's due to this blindness caused by an 'approval' issue."

Church groups can ensure the movie will come to a movie theater near them by promoting a movie event and purchasing tickets in advance online. Tickets are available through GATHR, the theater-on-demand service. FULL POST

Posted 7/6/15 at 2:00 PM | Barry Bowen

When the Pastor’s Family Has Destructive Secrets

Pastor Adam Wells in the movie Beyond the Farthest Star

Some pastors greet their congregations with deceptive smiles. Instead of joy the smile hides deep sadness.

According to a recent LifeWay Research survey, 55 percent of Protestant pastors report being lonely and discouraged. Loneliness is most common in younger pastors and pastors of large churches.

Pastor Ron Edmondson offers an explanation: “Pastors seldom know who we can trust... Most senior pastors have been burned by someone they once trusted.”

The new Christian movie Beyond the Farthest Star delves into this topic by telling the story of Pastor Adam Wells and his wife Maureen who keep secrets from their teenage daughter Anne. Family secrets alienate the family. FULL POST

Posted 6/16/15 at 8:23 AM | Karen Kramer

Entertaining Sexual Abuse


America’s voracious sexual appetite will get the next installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey series June 18th. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) fears that domestic abuse will be rationalized as millions of viewers pay to watch a wealthy man torture his current “love interest”. Grey, retells the first novel in the Fifty Shades books, but from the perspective of Christian Grey—the man with the violent and abusive personality.

There is absolutely zero entertainment value for millions of women who suffer sexual abuse at the hands of sick and deranged men. Thanks to Hollywood, this brutality is now sexy entertainment. Even worse, audiences could see wealth and power as meaningful tools to abuse others.

As you go about your day notice the clock—every minute 24 people become a victim to rape, or some sort of physical violence by an intimate partner here in America. With movies like Grey, it only perpetuates the problem, even normalizing it for some. The message audiences could receive is that victims of sexual abuse can “fix” a controlling partner by being obedient. FULL POST

Posted 6/15/15 at 6:07 PM | Sunny Shell

'Audacity' Brings Truth and Compassion to the Conversation About Homosexuality

By definition, "audacity" can refer to sheer arrogance for the sake of arrogance, or boldness without any regard for self-preservation. In his latest film, "Audacity" (available for download on June 24, 2015), Ray Comfort and his staff at Living Waters Publications, graciously demonstrates the latter definition—boldness without any regard for self-preservation.

"Audacity" presents the truth with great compassion on the hotly debated topic of homosexuality and all that it entails (same-sex marriages, are people born gay, what does the Bible say about homosexuality, etc.). And there's no Disney-like scenes. It's real, edifying and offers true hope to all who watch this movie.

One of the things I really appreciated is how Ray Comfort portrayed the homosexuals (three different couples) in "Audacity" as they truly are—image-bearers of God Almighty (like the rest of us), who are in desperate need of the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord. I'm always disgusted by Hollywood's depiction of homosexuals as overly-sexed maniacs whose only identity and interest is their sexual orientation. Gay men and lesbian women are no more overly-sexed than heterosexual men and women. Sexual orientation does not determine, nor define sexual obsession (e.g. the abominable "50 Shades of Grey"). FULL POST

Posted 6/10/15 at 5:01 PM | Karen Kramer

ABC Family Channel Highlights Transgender Lifestyle

One Million Moms/Becoming Us

While everyone’s still deciding how to respond to Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner, ABC Family Channel began airing Becoming Us (Monday 9:00 PM). The docu-series coyly says that “genders may bend, but family never breaks.” Honestly? The show follows the struggles a young boy faces after his parent’s divorce and the transition his dad makes to living as a woman.

Ironically, the boy has a girlfriend with a transgendered father. While the show is normalizing the transgender lifestyle, the reality is that it is hardly normal. While the discussions range from reassignment surgery to purchasing bras, the son realizes he will no longer have a dad. So who will become his male role model—or does this generation no longer need male and female role models?

Financial support for shows like Becoming Us need to be halted. Transgenderism is a topic for discussion, but not on a channel sold for “Family” viewing. One Million Moms is providing an easy way to contact sponsors of Becoming Us and express your disapproval. Entertainment and advertising dollars are irrevocably linked; therefore we still have a voice in shows that reach our shared airwaves. Click Here to vote with your pocketbook.

Posted 6/9/15 at 12:39 AM | Colin Robinson

How Bible Believing Christians Should Respond To Bruce Jenner

The biblical response to the cross dresser that now calls himself "Caitlyn" Jenner should be very simple if you actually consider what the Bible says about this matter.

Deuteronomy 22:5- The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

That Bible scripture should tell you more than enough of how you should respond to do Bruce Jenner going through a sex change. The man plans on having an operation that will only make him physically appear as a woman, but he will always be male in the eyes of God. If you are one of those people that want to applaud Bruce Jenner for his so called bravery despite of what the Bible says, consider the next verse.

Isaiah 5:20- Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Bruce Jenner hates the way that God made him and woe unto him for that. You should not be calling him courageous. If you are one of those worldly Christians that want to do so anyways, then why don't you publicly applaud Jesus for dying on the cross for your sins? Jesus will always be more worthy of praise than ANY of us. Myself included. For the sake of God, quit idolizing the so called "bravery" of transgenders. That being said, Bruce Jenner is lost and in need of saving. See here for how to be saved.

Posted 6/7/15 at 10:29 AM | Karen Kramer

TV Land’s Impastor

TV Land Impastor

In the name of comedy, TV Land is joining the God-mocking entertainment bandwagon.

Here’s the story line: a man steals a pastor’s identity and soon gets hired, sight unseen, to lead a church. Posing as a gay preacher, the laughs are generated when he arrives at his church and gets caught sleeping around with women and not acting like a Christian, much less a pastor. The show depicts pastors negatively and spews lies about Christians and Christianity.

TV Land pokes fun at the faithful, but in reality, it deeply offends God and all those who honor him. The show is scheduled to air July 15 at 10:30 PM. Christians have a voice and a pocketbook. One Million Moms continues to fight for clean airwaves, and you can take action by sending a message to TV Land informing them that Impastor is inappropriate and won’t be supported. As much as TV Land considers this show entertaining, when it comes to the bottom line, they listen to people who angrily notify their advertisers. It’s all about money. So click here to send your message.

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