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Posted 3/4/15 at 2:31 PM | Donna Schillinger

Any Shade of Grey Contains a Little Black

I originally published this on XXXChurch Web site when the book came out. Just ran across it yesterday and thought, WOW, relevant yet again! Substitute "movie" for most uses of "book" below and it's current.

One way in which women are connecting more and more is by forming book clubs. This sounds like a fairly innocuous activity – read a book and discuss it among friends. But what would you do if your friends wanted to read 50 Shades of Grey for next month’s discussion? Assuming this possibility pricks your conscience at least a little, you’re in a pickle. In the interest of the relationships, do you go along with the club’s pick and then use the discussion to let your light shine? Do you take a moral high road and urge the members to reconsider? Do you avoid the conflict and disappear for this month?

Satan is really adept at taking seemingly harmless circumstances and twisting them into the most complex dilemmas. It’s fairly easy to recognize when you’re in one of these – you immediately start to feel uncomfortable and at a loss as to how to proceed. What’s not so easy is to recognize Satan’s next strategy to trip you up – that voice in your head that sounds reasonable and proposes compromise. In fact, he’s the master of creating shades of grey. And yet the truth, the Word of God, indicates in a number of ways that there really is no moral grey – everything, in fact, is either black or white. Romans 14:23 (ABPE) says, “Everything that is not from faith is sin.” Colorfully speaking, if it ain’t white, it ain’t right! FULL POST

Posted 2/23/15 at 2:23 PM | Olabode Ososami

The Magic of Oscar Vanity

Another year has passed and once again screen deities have convened for their annual honors gala. A celebration indeed of the best of glamour, art and talent converging in magical screen offerings that have captivated billions of viewers. I am not a fan of movies and I probably watch much less than the average, the only awardee movie (best actor) I had seen, of the many honoured, was "The Theory of Everything" which for me was a disappointingly distorted but sympathetic portrayal of the life of the celebrated atheist - Stephen Hawking, given that I had taken the trouble to research the subject before going to the cinema.

The “Theory of Everything” did portray the local church as the ideal spot to hunt for an adulterous affair … and also another award winning performance of “Glory” from “Selma” was heralded and applauded tearfully - without any consideration for whom the glory was intended for – the Almighty God. FULL POST

Posted 2/18/15 at 8:23 AM | Karen Kramer

Rape Is Never a Joke

Fox Network

Even though the producers of Family Guy consider statutory rape a laughing matter, it never is. On the February 8th episode that aired on Fox network, the story line was about a child molester’s sexual involvement with a high school girl.

Like many Americans, I find many Hollywood entertainment choices to be repugnant, but that doesn’t mean that I must accept everything that is produced. The airwaves are public, and we have a right to complain to the FCC when we feel it’s in our and our children’s best interests.

Since Federal Communications Commission and Fox network are required to operate in the public interest, it needs to be reported that shows joking about child rape are NOT in our best interest. American Family Association and the Parents Television Council are asking for concerned citizens to take action. Click here to send your complaint. FULL POST

Posted 2/17/15 at 10:34 AM | Barry Bowen

Taking on Netflix: Christian Film Distributors Build Large Online Video Libraries

Photo: Pixabay

If you want to watch the documentary A Cry from Iran or the movie Cutback, don’t search for them on Netflix. You won’t find them. Instead they can be viewed at Parables, one of the new Netflix competitors specializing in Christian and family friendly films.

The Christian film industry and religious television are in a state of transition as consumers shift to online video viewing.

The recent growth in new religious TV networks may also come to a halt as “chord cutters” cancel cable TV subscriptions. Dish Network recently announced Sling TV, an Internet-based TV subscription, that includes 14 TV channels for $20 and access to video on demand titles. No religious networks are included in the programming bundle.

If large numbers of Americans subscribe to Sling TV and the internet TV packages to be offered from Apple and Sony, there will be fewer viewers of religious TV. FULL POST

Posted 2/13/15 at 4:44 AM | Sunny Shell

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Is Every Shade of Evil

E.L. James (Erika Leonard James) born March 7, 1963, is only six years and 20 days older than me. She's a British author whose first book, Fifty Shades of Grey was a runaway success. She's married, and she and her husband have two teenage sons (as of 2012, not sure how old they are now).

Many say her books were a surprise hit, but I don't agree. It's no surprise that this trilogy filled with every shade of evil, only proves what God already said—we're all depraved, and without Christ, we're actually drawn to darkness rather than repulsed by it.

"And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil." (John 3:19, ESV)

E.L. James gladly admits that Fifty Shades of Grey is her "midlife crisis, writ large. All my fantasies are there, and that's it." Some people purchase a new car or a new house; they get in shape, or find new hobbies when they have their midlife crisis. But poor E.L. James decided to infect millions of people (mostly women) with this book where she attempts to make a cesspool of evil look like a refreshing dip in clean, clear waters. But no matter how you dress it up, dung is dung. FULL POST

Posted 2/9/15 at 9:13 PM | Bethany Christian Services

Virtue & Love for Every Family

Two films are being released on Valentine’s Day—Old Fashioned and Fifty Shades of Grey. In Old Fashioned, we witness love that is transformational, while Fifty Shades of Grey promotes transactional relationships without love.

Today’s culture and media promote a lifestyle that we find difficult to relate to. The world is broken, and we as Christians are not immune. We too experience divorce, premarital relations, broken homes, rejection, and a lot of hurt in our lives. We ask ourselves how we and our children can live in the world but not become “of the world”. How do we raise our children to uphold Biblical principles that honor ourselves and God? We need hope and healing. The kind portrayed in Old Fashioned.

Family is the first most common, simple, and successful institution that most benefits a child’s welfare. Keeping families together and bringing families together is the core of Bethany’s work – for the benefit of every child. At Bethany, we seek to serve with love that transforms, heals, and provides hope to families.


Posted 2/6/15 at 10:12 PM | Barry Bowen

If the Bible Was Written by Man, How Can it Be the Word of God?

Photo: Screenshot from A Matter of Faith

The new movie A Matter of Faith opened in 50 theaters today. During the movie a college professor and Christian parent debate the origins of the earth. The following exchange is shown in the movie trailer which is embedded below.

Professor Kaman: "Wasn't the Bible written by man?"

Stephen Whitaker: "Yes it was."

Professor Kaman: "Then how does that make it the word of God?"

Can you answer that question?

Professor Kaman isn't the only person to ask this question. According to Got Answers, "There are both internal and external evidences that the Bible is truly God’s Word. The internal evidences are those things within the Bible that testify of its divine origin." FULL POST

Posted 2/5/15 at 1:22 PM | Barry Bowen

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Photo: Flickr/Ruben Alexander - Creative Commons

This Friday the Christian movie A Matter of Faith opens in about 50 theaters. The story is about college student Rachel Whitaker's Christian worldview being challenged by her biology teacher's promotion of naturalistic evolution.

Professor Kaman tells his class, "Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to answer the age old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

So let's take a look at the Christian films about evolution and the science about the development of the egg. FULL POST

Posted 2/5/15 at 1:22 PM | Mark Ellis

Tom Brady says chaplain key to Patriots’ winning season

Easterby leads prayer

By Mark Ellis and Michael Ashcraft

Quarterback Tom Brady says it wasn’t under-inflated balls that helped the New England Patriots clinch the AFC Championship. It was the team chaplain.

The 4-time Super Bowl winner is telling people that Jack Easterby, 31, gets a lion’s share of the credit for the Patriot’s season, which culminated with a final win against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

“He’s just a great person and friend,” Brady told ESPN. “You feel a special connection with him and with his genuine caring for all the people in his life.”

While some team chaplains may feel neglected by their organization, Easterby is on the Patriot payroll with an office near Coach Bill Belichick. He’s an exceptionally upbeat former college basketball player who connects with professional athletes.

His website, “The Greatest Champion,” encourages viewers to accept the greatest champion of all — Jesus Christ — who hung on the cross and resurrected from the dead. FULL POST

Posted 2/3/15 at 8:10 AM | Karen Kramer

Stop Television’s Sex Box

As if television could get no worse, WE Network is preparing to televise Sex Box—a popular show that debuted in Great Britain. The show highlights couples receiving marital therapy on live television. But before the counseling session begins, the couple enters a soundproof box (sans cameras) and makes love. The idea is that the couple will be more receptive to therapy after their time in the sex box.

The show’s debut will be February 27, but not if the Parental Television Council gets its way. PTC President Tim Winter explains that Sex Box is a live sex show. One might see something like this on HBO or Showtime, but not regular cable. Broadcasting a show like this will allow for even more explicit content in the future.

Winter feels this show just adds toxicity to the entire environment. If you have people inside the box having sex the next step is putting a camera in the box.

From Screen Shot of Sex Box

The Parental Television Council is circulating a petition to stop the show before it airs. It’s important for networks to realize that programming choices will have consequences. When advertisers are threatened with angry viewers, they often rethink their sponsorship of certain shows. And that’s what PTC is hoping for now. But We TV President Marc Juris says, “Box is one of the most unique and compelling show concepts we’ve ever seen, and we can’t wait to bring it to WE TV. FULL POST

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