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Posted 9/15/14 at 7:40 PM | Mark Ellis

Gwyneth Paltrow is Converting to Judaism

Gwyneth Paltrow

By Mark Ellis

Academy award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is converting to Judaism after several years of following Kabbalah, a mystical interpretation of the Jewish tradition, according to the New York Post.

Paltrow’s mother, actress Blythe Danner, has a Christian background. Her late father, film producer and director Bruce Paltrow, was Jewish. Gwyneth grew up observing both Christian and Jewish holidays, which she says was “a nice way to grow up.” Her younger brother Jake had a Bar Mitzvah.

Her father’s Ashkenazi-Jewish family has roots in Belarus and Poland. Paltrow’s great-great-grandfather, whose surname was “Paltrowicz,” was a rabbi in Nowogród, Poland.

She is said to have a close friendship with Michael Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre in New York. Berg, the son of the founder of the Centre, “seeks to inspire students to develop a personal and growing connection to the Light of the Creator,” according to the organization’s website. FULL POST

Posted 9/15/14 at 10:43 AM | CP Blogs

South Park TV Show: Government is an Idol

South Park TV character Butters Stotch.

Filmmakers and TV producers thrive on controversy. Such is the story of South Park.

According to Metro Catholic, "South Park has a long history of mocking Christianity and its values which Comedy Central has repeatedly aired. Yet, they bowed to pressure from Islamic extremists and bleeped the name the ‘Prophet Muhammad’ out of one of their recent episodes. This is an absolute disgrace."

Besides mocking religion, South Park also mocks government as idolatry in the following video clip. This shouldn't be surprising considering the TV show's co-creator Trey Parker is a libertarian. Advocates for Self Government reported, "South Park is rife with libertarian themes. It has mocked the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, anti-smoking activists, the War On Drugs, government-mandated diversity (when the children shun a nasty gay teacher, they are sent to the “Death Camp of Tolerance”), public school sex education and nature-worshipping environmentalists." FULL POST

Posted 9/12/14 at 1:27 PM | Austin Andrews

The Biggest Losers Comeback Canyon- Austin Andrews Recap

Olympic Gold Medals, Super Bowl Rings, WNBA and Wimbledon all represented in an athlete studded Biggest Loser: Its fitting that very little is the same.

Two New Trainers are on the ranch and Bob Harper, the only trainer to be on every season of Biggest Loser, doesn’t have his own team. The twists this season will take will be well worth watching.

The two new trainers are Jessie Pavelka (yes Jake’s brother) and Jennifer Widerstrom. They make big entrances with returning trainer Dolvett Quince as they begin to shape the training of each contestant. As viewers, we begin to see the beginning of transformations and relationships between trainers and contestants. Its exciting to see the new trainers in action, and to realize that they value the emotional journey as well as the physical. The new trainers have big shoes to fill seeing as they took the place of Jillian Michaels, long time Biggest Loser Trainer and an emotional health-talking beast. FULL POST

Posted 9/11/14 at 6:29 PM | Erma Byrd

Nancey Jackson Johnson Spends A Little Time with Dr. Bobby Jones


 Jackson-Johnson Set to Perform New Single “A Little Longer” on BET’s Popular Bobby Jones Gospel Show Sunday, October 12

Los Angeles, CA (September 11, 2014) - Gospel power-house Nancey Jackson-Johnson is moving full steam ahead with no stopping in sight. The fall schedule is filled with back-to-back appearances in support of her self-titled CD, The Heart of Nancey Jackson-Johnson. FULL POST

Posted 9/11/14 at 1:57 PM | Phil Cooke

Research Confirms Broadcast TV Still Matters

Man watches TV.
Photo: Flickr/Al Ibrahim - Creative Commons

New research in June by GfK Media indicates the number of Americans now relying on over-the-air broadcast television reception has actually increased to almost 54 million, up from 46 million just a year ago. This is a pretty significant piece of data. In one year, the number of homes getting their TV signals solely over-the-air without cable or satellite has gone up almost 20%. Not a big surprise, the survey found the demographics of broadcast-only households skew towards younger adults, minorities and lower-income families.

“As we’ve seen for the past few years, over-the-air households continue to make up a sizable portion of the television viewing landscape,” said David Tice, Senior Vice President, GfK Media. “Our research reveals that over-the-air broadcasting remains an important distribution platform of TV programming, and that in the past year the estimated number of broadcast-only TV households in the U.S. has grown significantly over what we’ve seen at least back to 2008.” FULL POST

Posted 9/11/14 at 1:48 AM | Sylvie Simms

Europe's Christmas Markets

Europe is a great place to visit any time of the year, but Christmas is an extra special time to plan a trip! During the Middle Ages craftsmen built small huts to sell their goods at Christmas time. The Christmas Market tradition continues hundreds of years later.


Posted 9/11/14 at 12:09 AM | Erma Byrd

Andrea McClurkin-Mellini Ready to Hit the Road!

       Andrea McClurkin-Mellini - Higher (Camdon Music)


God Can Takes McClurkin-Mellini Higher and Higher on the Billboard Gospel Charts

Los Angeles, CA (September 10, 2014) - Andrea McClurkin-Mellini’s new single “ God Can” is riding the wave of steady radio airplay and still climbing the Billboard Gospel Charts. In support of her current solo CD Higher released on Camdon Music Mellini will hit the road with brother, Donnie McClurkin, during the upcoming Festival of Praise Tour 2014 that is also head-lined by gospel legend, Fred Hammond. The 30 city tour kicks off at Fallbrook Church in Houston, TX in September 17. To check city near you visit www.festivalofpraisetour.com FULL POST

Posted 9/10/14 at 7:54 AM | Ann Frailey

Heaven is for Real & God's Not Dead

There has been a definite improvement in Christian movies lately. They are better quality than ever before and they have integrated more of the current culture into their story line. I have heard numerous times from Christian authors that, rather than focusing on writing great Christian books, we should focus on writing great books written by Christians. The emphasis then becomes more about the artistic reality of a well told story than pushing a Christian agenda. And I definitely agree with that. Not because I don’t think that stories involving Christian characters can’t be every bit as interesting as a story told about an atheist or someone who simply hasn’t awoken to the realm of the supernatural reality of God, but because I suspect that God does a whole lot better job reaching us if we simply tell a story involving the truth - a slice of the reality we know best. In truth, in the honest reflection of our struggles, God leads us.

The other fear has been that Christian books and movies are simply speaking to the choir. Christian authors aren’t engaging the larger culture because no one but an interested Christian will pick up an obviously Christian book or pay money to see a Christian movie. But as I watched Heaven is for Real and God is not Dead I reevaluated the worth of that easy dismissal. Frankly, Christians in this country, and around the world, have been under heavy fire, literally as well as figuratively, for a long time. In many environments to even mention your faith in Jesus Christ is to invite an embarrassing silence or a smirk…or worse. The choir is battle weary, exhausted, and needs a little encouragement…perhaps a lot of encouragement. I think that is what Heaven is for Real and God is not Dead do. They offer some encouragement from Christians to Christians. Keep the faith. Don’t give up. You’re not crazy for believing and your are not alone. FULL POST

Posted 9/3/14 at 1:44 PM | Stacey Dames

Madonna's New Age Time Satanism - a Revelation on Amazon

Esa Emmanuel

Discover what her bazillion biographies simply refuse to discuss: Madonna "discovered" her sexuality at age five, or was molested? Multiple lesbian encounters beginning at age seven! Learn from Madonna, in her own words, how she planned to indoctrinate children- and the world- through music, videos, and images. The pioneer of transgenderism and homosexuality, she paved the way for the lawless artists we see today.


For the past thirty years, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone has captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans. Despite critics declaring her career over, she triumphantly claimed the world stage at the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show. Her presence set a world record with an astonishing one-hundred and fourteen million viewers. However, the real show took place minutes later as online social media-sites were inundated with feedback. Twitter reported Madonna as the most tweeted subject, with over ten-thousand posts per second! Everyone, it seemed, wanted to analyze the twelve-minute occult extravaganza. This worldwide televised event had many, for the first time, taking a closer look at Madonna's art.

But where had everyone been for the last twenty-nine years? FULL POST

Posted 9/3/14 at 1:20 AM | Sylvie Simms

Mexico Safety

When traveling outside of the United States, it is always a good idea to take precautions and understand the dangers associated with your planned destination. When considering your safety in Mexico, take the time to accurately assess the risks associated with the country.

It is in human nature to be a little irrational when it comes to calculating risks. When presented with decisions that may affect our safety, we tend to be misguided. Often times, lack of good information lets our emotions make the decisions for us. We can see this when we consider things such as fear of flying, investing in the stock market and even shark attacks. When it comes to traveling in or moving to Mexico, one might recall a story or two of dangers or unfortunate events that occurred in our neighboring country. We should consider the actual facts involved in these stories before we react, and make educated decisions accordingly.

When examining Mexico safety, it is important to have an accurate understanding of how much risk actually exists. We might have heard a horror story on the news, but there are also many other horror stories that occur here in the United States - in your state, your city or even your neighborhood. The take away is not to be afraid to leave your home for fear of what risks are out there in the world. In reality, Mexico is not as dangerous as the media sensationalism makes it out to be. In fact, according to many statistics, staying in your home, one could argue can be just as risky - if not more. FULL POST

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