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Posted 11/11/15 at 3:15 PM | Todd Friel

Youth Group Madness

By Todd Friel Excerpted from “Judge Not,” available Nov. 16.

How low can evangelical youth ministries go?

• A mega-church youth pastor put peanut butter in his armpits and had the kids lick it out.

• Kids at youth groups were coerced into drinking Coke through their friends’ used socks.

• Kids at youth groups vomited as they ate brown blended food out of a baby’s diaper.

Tragically, these scenes are not anomalies. They are part of a long-established church trend called “Youth Group Gross-Out Games.” This is the modus operandi of countless juvenile youth groups led by juveniles.

If you think I am exaggerating, here are just a few of the gross-out games recommended at one youth ministry website. These are the actual descriptions.

Banana Barf: Have two or three volunteers put a whole banana in their mouth, instructing them not to eat it. Then put a pair of panty-hose over each volunteer's head. Have them squish the banana through the tiny holes in the hose into a trash bag. This game is hilarious, because when you take the pantyhose off the students' heads, the banana still stuck in the hose is smeared across their face! FULL POST

Posted 11/9/15 at 6:40 PM | Jack Wellman

5 Good Places To Find Or Watch Christian Movies

Jack Wellman, 2015

Here are five great places to find or to watch good Christian movies.

Christian Film Database

If you’re interested watching good Christian movies on DVD then you might think about buying them instead of renting them or waiting till they show up on TV and there might be no better resource than Christian Film Database (christianfilmdatabase.com). You’ll find solid Christian movies like War Room, Woodlawn, A Matter of Faith, Son of God, The Color of Rain, God’s Not Dead, Saving Christmas, and probably just about any good Christian movie you remember having watched. Of course, just because it’s a Christian movie doesn’t mean that it’s always clean. In some of my viewing experiences, the movie was rated G but the language, although not vulgar, was full of euphemisms (swear word substitutes) and “oh my God’s” so reading reviews of your prospective purchase is a very good idea. And movies like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ are very good for adults but they are not appropriate at all for children because of the intense physical violence. FULL POST

Posted 11/5/15 at 8:22 AM | Veronica Philips

We DID Start The Fire

Ah 17. I had the whole world ahead of me....
At The Kiddie Pool yesterday, A little brother call me an NCIS Den Mother. At the start of the semester our teacher split us up into groups and we were to chose a team name. I asked, "What do you guys watch most?" because if we went with my shows, the names choices would be Pokemon or Dora. Team NCIS was born (never watch it). We are a relatively close group of people, with me, of course, being the oldest. We help each other, and leave no man behind. Den Mother? Well, I am a mommy after all, but it doesn't make me a Mrs. Garrett. Sigh...I was a Little Sister Once.

The Facts of Our Life in the 80's saw the birth of Alf, Madonna, Radio Raheem, and Salt N Peppa. We are the only ones who know what Mtv was like as Mtv. Valley Girl was a best selling book, Fast Times at Ridgmont High glorified some disgusting things, and we saw the death of The Last American Virgin. To us, Arnold was just an actor, albeit a bad one. I'll be Back, Totally, Gag Me With a Spoon, Dude, Awesome, and my personal favorite, "That was FRESH" was the popular pop culture vernacular. Our Will Smith, was Fresh and he DID NOT fight aliens, he fought Uncle Phil. I see with some amusement that the High Top Converse I wore in HS are back in style, and lemme grab back out my 80's "destroyed" (that's today's code for holey jeans) made famous by the aforementioned female rap group. We Were The World, We discovered Fame, Our Duke Boys were not raciest, but FINE AS HELL, We were the thinkers, dreamers, movers and shakers in society, and chances are if you're reading this as a Little Sister, your mother went to school with me (not REALLY. I was a BRAT). Anything you do, say, watch or learn today, we wrote the book on, and are now teaching the class...we know you, because we WERE you....tread lightly. FULL POST

Posted 11/4/15 at 1:56 PM | Todd Friel

Embracing Christian Celebrities

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kirk Cameron as much as the next guy, but the desperate evangelical embrace of Christian celebrities is, well, desperate.

Big celebrity or minor celebrity; it makes no difference to us. If an extra from a 1992 episode of “Golden Girls” hints she is now a Christian, we fire up the presses and spread the news, “She’s one of us!”

We get downright tingly when we hear about any celebrity making some sort of profession of faith. Consider this brief list of celebrities the evangelical community has welcomed with open and undiscerning arms:

Mel Gibson: We loved Roman Catholic Mel, but our affection cooled when he made Jewish slurs while being arrested for drunk driving.
Tyler Perry: Hailed as one of us, Tyler publicly gave one million dollars to modalist TD Jakes while speaking a prophecy over him.
Justin Timberlake: We gobbled up the rumors that JT was raised a Southern Baptist; and then he brought sexy back while smoking pot.
Ryan Gosling: This popular actor appears on the lists of several Christian celebrity websites. Apparently they forgot to Google him and discover he is actually a Mormon.
Justin Bieber: It wasn’t just teenaged girls who were breathless for the Biebster; evangelicals were absolutely giddy when we discovered he had a Jesus tattoo on his calf. I wonder if the police took a picture of it when they booked him for driving under the influence and resisting arrest. FULL POST

Posted 11/3/15 at 1:44 PM | Jordan Brothers

Clothing Company Aims Controversial Campaign At Converting Youth (Video)

Reborn Kings
Reborn Kings
Stacey Jordan, Motivational Teacher & Co-creater of Reborn Kings, Speaking at Job Corps' "Youth 2 Youth" event.

Lifestyle clothing brand Reborn Kings is doing more than just creating fashion for the modern youth. They are going a step further to actually reach those who haven't heard what it means to live the reborn lifestyle.

Despite the fact that there has been a move to push Christianity from the public square, especially in entertainment and fashion, Reborn Kings is defying the trend as they inspire their generation to go against the tide and live the life that God intended for them.

“The Reborn Experience” is a unique outreach created by this young company to engage high-school students and youth ministries alike. They want to teach about Christ in a way that is both relate-able and relevant.

With such a growing amount of doubt and apathy toward Christianity in our society, some might wonder how to impact a generation that has become dead to the One who can actually give life? The Reborn Kings’ answer to that question: "The Reborn Experience".

You can learn more about Reborn Kings and their outreach on their website at www.rebornkings.com

Posted 10/23/15 at 10:43 AM | Brian Wallace

Choosing The Right Glasses

Any old glasses just won't do. You have to choose the right glasses for your personality!

Posted 10/22/15 at 11:02 AM | Brian Wallace

Jazz's Influence On Modern Music

Many types of moden music can trace their influences back to jazz. Learn more about this historical connection from this infographic!

Posted 10/15/15 at 7:16 PM | Shaila Touchton

Are you sure Christians can not be perfect and can not avoid sins?

We see many Christians claim to be continuing sinners saved by grace rather than using the past tense, "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Rom 5:8).God says that we can live without sin by God's grace and the power of His indwelling Holy Spirit to pursue holiness to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. Many Christians are so defensive of sin because they have not been able to stop sinning through their own strength and effort. Instead of making the humiliating confession that they can't conquer it, they fabricate arguments that sin really doesn't hurt them and provide rationalization through a quote such as “no one can be perfect” or “no one can really live without sin anyway” or ‘There is no one that is righteous, no, not one person." Jesus Christ came to save sinners perfected through His own sacrifice. We are perfect in Christ not by our own human efforts. The wicked people encourage themselves in sin and also delight in those who commit sins. They also have numerous unbiblical excuses to commit sin and to defend their sinful ways. When God's people do not obey Him, He allows a spirit of blindness to come over them. The wicked and sinful people do not have self-control, they hate discipline, hate God's law, commandments and His ways. FULL POST

Posted 10/13/15 at 1:52 PM | Brian Wallace

Is Your Family Ready For Halloween?

Did you know that Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in the U.S.? That's a lot of chocolate!

Posted 10/12/15 at 8:21 PM | Karen Farris

When Jesus came to Woodlawn High

Racial disunity has reared its ugly head in our weary nation. So the movie Woodlawn that deals with racial reconciliation is a welcome message. In the true story of the 1973 Woodlawn High School (Birmingham, Alabama) football team, a group of young players confront their classmates and school that is filled with racism and hatred.

Coach Tandy Geralds helps his team unify with a love that binds them together. His team becomes determined to not just fight opponents on the field but take on the greater opposition of racist actions and hatred in their school and community.

In a time when black football players were scorned, abused, and shunned, one high school player, Tony Nathan, made the choice to play hard, play well, and love unconditionally. He would rise to be one the first African American sports superstars. FULL POST

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