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Posted 9/29/15 at 11:54 PM | Alex Murashko

He Battled Demonic Forces in Punk Rock Scene Then Jesus Brought Deliverance

Without hesitation, Pat “Nobody” Taylor will tell you that he is more than grateful to have escaped the infamous Orange County punk scene sprouted in the late 70s’ and early 80s’.

Raised as a Catholic in Fullerton, Taylor said he knew the difference between right and wrong at an early age.

Yet, at 14 years old, he found himself smack dab in the middle of a music-based movement that included promoting a lifestyle of chaos and rebellion against all structure.

In front of a McDonald’s across from Fullerton High School, he met and became friends with Richard Francis “Rikk” Agnew, Jr., a member of some of the most influential bands of the Orange County hardcore punk genre, as well as the “deathrock” band Christian Death. As a member of the Adolescents and as a solo artist Agnew is considered one of the best guitarists in the Southern California hardcore punk scene. FULL POST

Posted 9/29/15 at 4:18 PM | Mark Ellis

Justin Bieber’s Monumental Return to Jesus

Justin Bieber

By Mark Ellis

In the last few years, singer-songwriter Justin Bieber’s bad-boy antics and run-ins with the law have alienated some of his Christian fan base and even led thousands to petition the White House to have the Canadian-born star deported. But recently, the 21-year-old pop sensation has reconsidered the error of his ways and made a stunning turnaround in his relationship with Christ.

In an interview with Joe La Puma for the Oct/Nov 2015 issue of COMPLEX conducted at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel, Bieber bares his soul about the dramatic restoration of his walk with Jesus.

“I forgot what I was about, what my mom raised me to be,” Bieber confessed to COMPLEX. “I veered off, and I got tainted. I came into the music industry at 13. I was trying to trust people and they’d break my heart at 15,” he says.

Bieber became disillusioned with people who took advantage of him. In response, he started to “do his own thing.” FULL POST

Posted 9/25/15 at 2:16 PM | Brian Wallace

Historical Bets That Won Big

Have you ever heard of a carrier pigeon name GI Joe who saved the day? Learn more about historical gambles that paid off from this infographic.

Posted 9/23/15 at 1:56 PM | Audra Jennings

Adventures in Odyssey Rewards Those Impacting the Lives of Children

The John Avery Whittaker Award
Adventures in Odyssey

Most people can think of one or two figures whose love and life example had a great impact on the formation of their spiritual foundation. It might be a coach, a Sunday school teacher or a parent or grandparent. Whatever the role, it’s hard to put a value on the investment these people make on a daily basis. In an effort to bring honor to these countless, quiet heroes, Adventures in Odyssey announces the John Avery Whitaker Award. Named after Odyssey’s resident leader and the namesake of Odyssey’s most famous attraction, Whit’s End, the award will be bestowed annually on one deserving mentor.

Like the Adventures in Odyssey character John Avery Whitaker, or “Whit” as he’s known by fans of the show, the person should be someone who is passionate about innovatively teaching children the truths expressed in the Bible. Those who create Adventures in Odyssey know that while Whit might be a fictitious character, there are thousands of real people just like him. “Our hope is that by bringing those people into the light, others will be inspired to follow their example,” says Dave Arnold, the executive producer of Adventures in Odyssey. “If we can spur mature believers in Christ to mentor and influence a generation being barraged with messages of compromise, we can turn the tide and encourage revival in our youth.”

Nominations are being accepted now through October 31 for the “Whits” out there in the world. Beginning on November 1, one nominee will be selected daily and awarded with a prize package including Adventures in Odyssey's latest album, Taking the Plunge, and a DVD of the movie Beyond the Mask. One grand prize winner will be chosen and announced on November 20. This worthy recipient will receive more than $500 worth of Focus on the Family resources, including an Odyssey Adventure Club (OAC) membership. The OAC offers 24/7, on-the-go access to more than 800 episodes of Adventures in Odyssey, as well as a new, members-only episode every month. It is a safe, fun environment where the whole family can explore, create and imagine, all while learning biblical truth.

Nominations can be submitted via this form, or the information can be emailed to contest@whitsend.org. (See the Official Rules for all the details.)

To learn more about the John Avery Whitaker Award, visit www.whitsend.org. Discover the Odyssey Adventure Club at www.oaclub.org or on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Posted 9/21/15 at 1:38 PM | Mark Ellis

Country gospel singer Kimberly Dawn overcame trials with faith

Kimberly Dawn

By Mark Ellis and Vivian Chou

Born in rural West Virginia, Kimberly Dawn dreamed of becoming a famous country singer. Forced to rise above various trials in her life, her growing Christian faith became a firm foundation for her growth as a musical artist.

First, she had to overcome her own shyness. Her family also endured the pain and loss of their home to a fire. Unexpectedly, Kimberly also had to take care of an ailing family member.

At one critical juncture, it seemed her dreams of stardom were disappearing in the mists of the Greenbrier County Mountains, where she grew up.

Her desire to become a musician started at just four years old. But it wasn’t until 2013 – after much faith and perseverance — that she began releasing music and playing at bigger venues.

With God’s help, Kimberly has overcome the barriers that held her from her dreams. Last year she was named “one of the most influential voices of this generation of country/gospel music.” And four of her four releases entered the top 10 on SoundClick, including “Rain on Me” and “Reaching Higher.” FULL POST

Posted 9/20/15 at 12:54 PM | Karen Farris

Sexy Jokes & Muppet Madness

ABC Network

If your kids enjoyed the delightful antics of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of Jim Henson’s creative puppets, then you’re in for a Millennial wake-up call. The Muppets are back in a perverted, sexually-charged new show on ABC (Tuesday 8:00 PM).

In a decidedly altered rendition of the Muppets, Jim Henson would likely be shocked to hear Kermit announce, “It’s sort of an adult Muppet show.” One ad boasted, “Finally, a network TV show with full frontal nudity.” Since Kermit doesn’t wear pants, that’s totally accurate, but what’s up?

Well, this mature Muppet comedy will cover the modern topics of sex, drugs, abortion, and promiscuity. But don’t expect life lessons from a conservative perspective. Miss Piggy remains as boisterous as ever but now spouts about being pro-choice. While ABC promotes this as a humorous family-oriented show, parents will be left explaining the meaning of sexual jokes and innuendos and wondering why the Muppets sold out to the "anything goes" culture. One Million Moms has a campaign to alert the sponsors of this show that children’s entertainment doesn’t need to be adult-themed. Especially with the beloved Muppets of days gone by. Take Action now.

Posted 9/16/15 at 11:05 AM | Alex Murashko

Interview: ‘Captive’ True Story of How God Shows Up For Murderer and Meth Addict When Lives Intersect

The makers of Captive say the film based on the true story of the hostage situation in which the lives of murderer Brian Nichols and recovering meth addict Ashley Smith intersect in 2005 shows how “God chooses to show up” in times of crisis.


“Ashley had an addiction problem. Brian Nichols was a murderer. It’s a messy situation and it’s in the middle of that messy situation that God chooses to show up,” producer Terry Botwick told Over Time News.

In early 2005, Smith, a widowed mother who had lost custody of her daughter, was struggling to get past her addiction and find her purpose in life. On March 12, Nichols, an escaped convict, held her at gunpoint in her own apartment for seven hours. FULL POST

Posted 9/10/15 at 10:53 AM | Brian Wallace

What does it take to get into the NFL?

It's easier for the average person to get into MENSA than it is to make it to the NFL. Learn more about the odds of making it to the NFL from this infographic!

Posted 9/3/15 at 5:12 PM | Karen Farris

Road Rage? Not Me


Four cars were traveling scenic Highway 101 at FIFTEEN miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit.

Completely oblivious to the string of traffic behind them, I observed the driver and occupant’s heads swiveled towards the tall trees, fingers pointing to the mountains in the distance.

I drummed my own fingers on the steering wheel and muttered disparaging words to myself. They continued their pokey pace in a close-knit pack—preventing me from having any opportunity to pass them.


Not prone to road rage, I instead settled into tourist mode. Green trees stretched a hundred feet up into the blue skies and rugged mountain peaks stood at attention.

When had I gotten so used to the scenery that I could be impatient with those who hadn’t? FULL POST

Posted 8/31/15 at 5:00 PM | Sunny Shell

Why I Won't Watch or Recommend 'War Room'

Photo credit: David Whitlow, courtesy of AFFIRM Films/Provident Films | 'War Room' with Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore

NOTE: Since I did not see War Room, this is not a review, but simply my comments based on multiple in depth reviews I've read by those who both liked and disliked the film. Thankfully, all the reviewers included some actual lines from War Room so that I could test them for myself with the Word of God. I share links (below) to the two brothers who reviewed the movie with biblical discernment, choosing no one's "side" except Christ's.

When War Room was being promoted last year, I had many readers contact me, asking what I thought about this upcoming (and now here) Christian film. My response at the time was that I didn't have an opinion one way or another because I didn't know much about it, but would look into it. All I knew was that it was written and produced by the Kendrick Brothers (Stephen and Alex) and so far, I've liked their movies: Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. But as many of you already know, I'm vehemently against showing favoritism (though I've done it and repented of it with Kirk Cameron), and am a proponent of testing all things with God's Word, rather than giving blanket approval to everything someone says or does (Acts 17:10-11). We're all fallible human beings and are subject to deception, so we must test all things with God's Word, because Scripture alone is perfect. FULL POST

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