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Posted 1/31/17 at 3:24 PM | Mark Ellis

Scorsese: Christianity is where I find meaning in life

Martin Scorsese at Fuller's Brehm Center

By Mark Ellis

Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese spoke at Fuller Seminary recently after a private screening of his new film Silence, the formidable saga of Jesuit missionaries in 17th-century Japan based on the novel by Shusaku Endo.

At the screening, Scorsese reflected on his years-long struggle to make the film and its impact on his Christian faith.

“Where do I go to find the meaning of existence and the meaning of life? For me, it’s Christianity,” Scorsese told Brehm Center Director Mako Fujimura (who served as a consultant to the film) and Kutter Callaway, an asst. professor of theology and culture at Fuller.

Without the love and compassion inherent in Christianity, there is little hope for humanity, he said. “This is the real saving grace of our world, of our species, really,” he declared.

Scorsese has been thinking about the book and the film project since 1989. “Reading over the last 20 years I’ve found authors apologizing for a Christian attitude, another one saying, ‘This seems disturbingly Christian.’” FULL POST

Posted 1/25/17 at 2:11 PM | Biru Singh

The Formidable Online Fighting Games You Should Look Out for In 2017

Embark on a journey of never ending excitement and fun when 2017 is already here. The online fighting games have successfully carved out a community of passionate gamers in recent times. With enhanced graphics and better gaming consoles, the contemporary video games are proving to be the hot flavor these days. These developments in the online gaming domain have led to a sharp upsurge in terms of demands from the gamers. As a result of this the gaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry around the world.

As far as 2017 is concerned, the gaming fanatics are not going to be disappointed to say the least. Though the World Wide Web has already been flooded by countless games that are played online, but there are few that are developed to capture our attention. In 2017 also the online fighting games remain at the forefront of those games that require advanced graphics, endless amount of gaming skills and ability to overcome the challenges. This year also brings up an opportunity for the gamers to test their skills by playing fighting games at muchgames.com.

Thus the following games clearly emerge as the ones that will drive the gaming experience to the next level. Here they are: FULL POST

Posted 1/5/17 at 2:33 PM | Mark Ellis

Tim Tebow’s gigantic John 3:16 ‘coincidence’…not!

Tebow appearing with Harry Connick Jr.

By Mark Ellis

He is one of the most outspoken athletes in America about his Christian faith. During his college football career, he frequently wore references to biblical verses on his eye black and his signature stance kneeling and praying on the sidelines became a modern neologism known as ‘Tebowing.’

But even he was shocked by a quirky confluence of time and football stats that could not be explained away as coincidence.

Tebow appeared on Harry Connick Jr.’s television program in December, and related the unusual story.

“We were playing for the national championship in college on January 8, 2009 and I decided to wear John 3:16 under my eyes,” Tebow recounted to Connick. “During the game, 93 million people decided to Google John 3:16 and it was a pretty cool moment.

“Exactly three years later we happened to be playing the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the play-offs when I was with the Denver Broncos and I didn’t know it was exactly three years later. It was January 8, 2012, exactly three years later to the day,” he noted. FULL POST

Posted 1/3/17 at 3:31 PM | Mark Ellis

Uganda: National rugby team sings Christian hymn before every game

team sings before games

By Mark Ellis

While they have never qualified for the World Cup, the national Rugby Union team known as the Cranes finds inspiration for their play with prayer and hymn-singing before and after each game.

“If I live a holy life, shun the wrong and do the right, I know the Lord will make a way for me,” the Cranes sing together.

Team manager Michael Wandera finds the singing uplifting. “In singing this hymn, the team recognizes that with God all things are possible,” he told CNN.

“It is meditative, raises the team psyche and causes the team to focus as one.”

This has been one of the most successful years for the Cranes. The team qualified for the 2016-17 World Series by earning Africa’s rugby sevens title for the first time last September.

Uganda defeated Kenya, a highly regarded team, in the semifinals and then dismantled Namibia in the finals. Namibia has played in the previous four Rugby World Cup tournaments. FULL POST

Posted 12/28/16 at 1:02 PM | Dylan Moran

State Government Actions on Daily Fantasy Sports: A snapshot of where things stand for DFS ‘state by state’

Started off as a recreational activity, Fantasy sports have now been changed by big market players into a mass money making activity which is an expansion of gambling... as stated by state governments.

Over two dozen states are showing slow progress into the regulation of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), while some states have already considered it illegal. There were also some victories for the legalization of DFS industry in different states in 2016.

Robert Tomlinson, the State Senator for Pennsylvania advised the members of state ‘House of Representatives’ earlier this month, “not to rush into the matter. The formal legalization of the activity needs careful consideration about whether and how to do it.”

The primary concern of Tomlinson about DFS is to identify whether the activity is completely based on chance or skill. They doubt the business models of the two leading commercial operators of the industry “DraftKings and FanDuel”, who appear to merge into one company (according to recent press reports). He also highlighted that, such market dynamics may further deform the market and potentially decrease the revenue to be garnered by Commonwealth. FULL POST

Posted 12/15/16 at 11:00 AM | Robert Hoffman

A Very British Christmas Break

If there's one thing the British know a great deal about, it's the weather. Famed for its often grey, quite often unpredictable weather, it may seem to some that the UK is the last place you would want to plan any kind of vacation. However, it seems like more and more visitors are coming to the UK to experience the unique blend of landscape and history this little island has to offer.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be a growing trend for people to take short breaks in the winter. Seems crazy given the nations reputation for a rain but only in the UK do residents simultaneously complain and take a great sense of pride in their unpredictable weather.

Truth be told, the weather is actually not that bad; the last few winters have been some of the mildest in recent history and the cheaper travel and lower rates make Britain far more enticing. Don't be put off from planning a relaxing break in what is arguably one of the most unique and beautiful places in the world. Check out our guide to some of the best Christmas breaks for you to experience in the UK this year. FULL POST

Posted 12/9/16 at 10:09 PM | Jais Paul

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Passionate PC Gamer

There is a wide range of gaming accessories available in the market that are designed for all the different sort of gaming preferences of a gamer.

From an ultra sensitive palm grip mouse, mechanical keyboards and latest games to hottest VR headsets and powerful graphic cards, each gift category has variety of cool stuff to choose from.

Even if you are limited on your budget, it is easy to impress your gamer friends by getting them one of the killing PC peripherals that come cheap and yet desired by most obsessive gamers.

To make it easier for you to choose the perfect gaming gift, here is a quick guide.

Budget Graphic Cards
You can buy a decent graphic card which runs most of the modern PC games at resolution of the average monitor size 1920x1080. This can be a great gift even for those who already have a basic graphic card, as both cards can run parallel to optimize the gaming experience. Some new options are being released by Nvidia, GEFORCE and AMD soon, which support the latest directX 12 and are compatible with skylake and windows 10 processors. FULL POST

Posted 12/6/16 at 11:46 AM | Sophia Mixon

Best Mobile Games for Hardcore Gamers

Let’s agree on the fact that your smartphone has only real games like angry birds, bush rush or talking tom despite the price. Now free always suits for the hardcore gamers but playing angry birds and talking tom is such a kiddish thing.

We hardcore gamers want something more than that but for free. Though the good news is latest mobile phones companies have started working on hardcore games to sway the gamers onto mobile phones.

It will be the cherry on the cake if you get hardcore games for free and also with your favorite smartphone. Compare price right away and buy the perfect combo.

Until that time here is 7 best online games for the hardcore gamers you can play for free.


If you like the rush on the battlefield then the World of TANKS is the perfect war machine game for you. It is a massively multiplayer game. So call up your friends and get ready to start a war and bust other team’s vehicles to win the game.

It is a spontaneous and engaging game. You can choose your warzone and your tanker then play right away. This battlefield game works on strategy, so brush up your strategy planning skill and kill all your stress by playing world of tanks. FULL POST

Posted 10/27/16 at 9:23 PM | Cindy Navarro

Lindsay Huggins Makes a Difference with Music


Music is a powerful thing. It can heal, inspire, empower, and even help us to express our emotions. While not all music available to us has a positive message, one artist is seeking to make an impact on needy youth by providing a way for them to study and create music of their own.

Lindsay Huggins is Christian artist in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Her main performance focus is vocal music, but she also studied instrumental music as a child, beginning with piano around the age of five, and flute in the school band during her sixth grade year.

Music has been a large part of Lindsay’s life. She grew up in a musical family, singing and performing in church with her parents and sister. That love for music took her to Nashville after high school, where she earned a degree in music business and continued her venture for a career in music. What began as a typical desire to be in the limelight turned into something deeper. Growing in her faith and appreciation for the affect music has in her spiritual journey, Lindsay knew that her calling was more than just singing feel-good music. For the past nine years, she has traveled in Gospel music ministry, sharing the Hope and Good News of Jesus Christ in song. FULL POST

Posted 10/24/16 at 11:24 AM |

Hip-Hop artist, Andalé, releases new single "Phenomenal,"produced by Grammy Award winner Dirty Rice

Acclaimed Christian hip-hop artist Andalé (pronounced un-da-lay) has released a new song entitled, “Phenomenal,” his first since signing with G.Favored Entertainment Group in partnership with Dream Records and Capitol Christian Distribution.

Produced by Grammy Award winner, Dirty Rice (Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Derek Minor), “Phenomenal” is a song that Andalé says is one of the “best songs I’ve ever written.” He describes it as a “fun, high energy and unique way of expressing how phenomenal God truly is.”

After his 2014 album Smoke and Mirrors, Andalé took a hiatus from music that included serving as pastor of a small church for a year and a half. He is currently in the studio working on his forthcoming album Elizabeth Road.

Andalé says he is excited to be releasing new music through his new partnership.“All artists have one thing in common, a desire to be heard,” says Andalé. “I'm excited because this partnership now allows my music to be heard on a much larger scale.” FULL POST

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