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Posted 10/20/16 at 7:34 PM | Mark Ellis

Hillsong NYC pastor has frank talk with Oprah about having a personal relationship with God, placing Jesus first

By Mark Ellis

Her cultural and spiritual influence on America is immense. As the richest self-made woman in the U.S., her spiritual path veering into New Age influences has received sharp criticism from some Christians. But in a rather deep discussion with Hillsong’s pastor in NYC, nothing was held back as he boldly described the need to put Jesus first.

The 41-minute program with Pastor Carl Lentz aired October 16th on Super Soul Sunday, Oprah’s self-help TV show designed to let viewers “awaken to their best selves.” The show has featured an eclectic mix of prominent people, including Maya Angelou, Elie Wiesel, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, and Coach Phil Jackson.

It seems a close friend of Oprah had talked up Hillsong’s 8,000-member community in the heart of Manhattan and extolled its rock star pastor who preaches in nightclubs and theaters throughout the city.

Lentz began by telling Oprah his core mission is soul transformation. “If you get your soul right, your behavior will change,” he noted. “This is not behavior modification. You can change your behavior and still have a rotten soul.”

Oprah said she was struck by the fact that his approach de-emphasized “religion” in favor of a relationship with God. FULL POST

Posted 10/6/16 at 6:50 AM | Dylan Moran

Christians Get Reformed and Get into Gaming Industry in New York

The Christian Reformed Church started as a noteworthy part of the change advancement by John Calvin in the mid sixteenth century and was remote made to North America by Dutch vagrants in 1848, according to the gathering's site. Two exotic strippers in New York city have made a significant change in their decisions now making the change to be godly. It disengaged from the Dutch improvement to wind up its own specific American substance in 1857. With its Calvinist guidelines and unmistakable American headway, the Christian Reformed Church contains philosophical differentiations from other Christian requests.

Individuals are getting reformed by getting to be Christians:

After a time of persevering advancement in the midst of the season of 1963–1992, enlistment totals have since seen a persisting rot, regardless of the way that the number of spots of love has developed. In 1992, at the stature of its interest, the Christian Reformed Churches had 316,415 people in 981 places of love in the United States and Canada. In 2012 support had dropped to 251,727 people in 1099 blessed spots, meaning lost 65,000 people in the latest 20 years. FULL POST

Posted 10/4/16 at 12:26 PM | Mark Ellis

American Idol star Jason Castro publicly confesses porn addiction, puts Jesus first

Jason Castro in "I Am Second" video

By Mark Ellis

He was one of four finalists during the 2008 season of American Idol, then the singer’s rendition of “Hallelujah” went to the number one spot on the iTunes singles chart.

But since his late teens he had been harboring an “awkward” secret: “I hate to say this. It’s embarrassing, but I was addicted to pornography,” Jason Castro declared on an “I Am Second” video.

“The show was two-and-a-half-months of intense stuff that was cool and it was easy to stay busy, but as the tour started I found myself more and more in a lonely place,” he recounted on the video.

He said he wasn’t prepared for the power and potency of the images available on the Internet. “It started out small, every now and then, but then it kept growing,” he said.

“By the time I was on this tour I was looking at stuff every day, multiple times a day. FULL POST

Posted 10/3/16 at 5:17 PM | Cindy Navarro

PR Expert Cheryl Wicker to Speak at Film Festival

Cheryl Ariaz Wicker

Christian publicist, Cheryl Wicker, a multi-talented creative freelancer, whose resume includes PR expert, TV/film producer, casting director, actress, host of “Christian Movie Connect” and Media Correspondent for several events and conferences has branched out to use her expertise and knowledge gained in the industry to launch a new coaching program for professionals who want to learn to effectively do their own publicity. After speaking with several potential clients who needed her advice for marketing their products, but whose budgets would not allow them to hire her agency, Wicker created “Amplify: How to Get Your Message Heard Through Free Media Exposure” to teach them how to do their own PR during a 6 week program using virtual workshops and coaching calls. FULL POST

Posted 9/9/16 at 1:08 PM | Brian Wallace

The Full Pokemon Lineup Is Not Available Yet

If you're playing Pokemon Go, you might be frustated that you can't catch those last 6 Pokemon. Don't worry- no one has been able to find them yet.

Posted 9/7/16 at 12:03 PM | Karen Farris

Sex, Violence, and Cussing Be Gone

Just what every home needs—an explicit filter on Hollywood. VidAngel takes the garbage out for you—all the bad language and graphic scenes—leaving you with a family-friendly film.

As VidAngel CEO explains, “We created this company because—as parents and consumers—we understand deeply the surging demand for filtering content to suit the needs of families.”

VidAngel has a library of over 2,500 TV and movie titles available—for multiple devices like smartphones, computers, and AppleTV.

The service even allows users to pick their filter strength. The best part is the cost: users purchase the video online for $20.00 and can sell it back for a credit of $19.00 if viewed within 24 hours. That’s $1.00 for filtered entertainment. FULL POST

Posted 8/26/16 at 11:23 AM | Veronica Hanks

Top 7 Free Online Games for Gaming Enthusiast

In this digital era, the world of online gaming is expanding like never before. Whether you are looking for an action-packed adventurous game or a good brainteaser, you can easily find it online. If you are one of online gaming enthusiasts and don’t have bucks to satiate your gaming desire, this blog is for you. Here we’ll enlist some of the best and free online gaming websites that give you great pleasure without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Miniclip Games

Miniclip is one of the popular online gaming websites to find some good and exciting games that’s too free of cost. Some popular games of this website include Sudoku, Heli Attack 3, Runescape, and many more. One amazing feature of this gaming website is that you can compete against other players from around the globe. On Miniclip you can also compile games statistics such as rankings and high scores. In addition, you can create your own avatar with clothing and other accessories to represent you in games. FULL POST

Posted 8/26/16 at 12:54 AM | Dylan Moran

How to Use Roulette Odds for Planning Your Bankroll to Christ

Managing your bankroll is not a way to beat roulette odds but it will make you stay longer in a game. This buys you more time to spend on the wheel. See a great page about American roulette table odds if you need to learn the basics of how to play.

Any roulette strategy should always provide for a decent bankroll management strategy. But no matter how great or effective your strategy is, putting everything you have in one spin is not ideal. There is and will always be room for error and you do not want to be blindsided by that. The only way and perhaps the most effective gameplay is to manage your bankroll.

Although good bankroll management will not improve your roulette odds, it could prevent you from losing money that you can’t afford to part with.

Why Roulette Odds Affect Your Bankroll FULL POST

Posted 8/9/16 at 4:45 PM |

Former P.O.D. guitarist to release new instrumental CD

Former P.O.D. guitarist Jason Truby has released a new instrumental CD entitled "Hymns.". Renowned for his innovative finger-style guitar techniques, Truby says the project was specifically produced with the purpose to help people who are going through trauma or sickness, and was originally his wife’s idea.

“I have performed finger-style covers of hymns in my live sets over the years,” says Truby, “and one day my wife mentioned the idea of a therapy-type album. I know that suffering can consume a lot of thought and energy, so this album was arranged with peace and healing in mind. We started with the idea of distributing it to cancer patients, and now want to make it available to anyone who may be going through grief, recovery, divorce or any other difficulties.”

Truby was a member of the rock band P.O.D. from 2002 to 2006, writing songs for the band’s self-titled album which quickly went to Platinum sales status. Truby also penned the title song for the “Matrix Reloaded” movie as well as a song for the Dove Award-winning soundtrack for “The Passion of the Christ.” Truby later teamed up with acclaimed guitarist, Phil Keaggy, for several solo albums, as well as played on a finger-style guitar album with the legendary instrumentalist, Chet Atkins, and classical guitarist, John Williams. Truby also produced the Grafted compilation CD to benefit Project Zero, a non-profit foundation specializing in adoption and foster care. Grafted included various artists from all genres including Tiffany Thornton, star of Disney's "So Random" and "Sonny with a Chance;” Caitlin Evanson, violin player for Taylor Swift; Keaggy; and Stu Garrard from Delirious, among several others. FULL POST

Posted 8/5/16 at 2:55 AM | Lara Sen

Top Reasons For Traveling To Brazil Now Despite The Zika Scare

Summer is in full swing and there has never been a better time to get out of the house and explore the world. Gas prices remain at minimum levels and this makes traveling at this point in time an even smarter choice. Of course, consumers will need to find a worthwhile location, which is beautiful, full of excitement, and budget friendly. This is why everyone should consider taking a trip to Brazil. Although the Zika Virus will undoubtedly keep some people at bay, others shouldn’t be bothered in the least. What makes now a better time than ever to travel to Brazil?

Well, if you’re going to be traveling within the upcoming weeks, you may very well get the opportunity to be a part of the Rio Olympics. The media has created a lot of controversy regarding the 2016 Summer Olympics, but this is simply an excuse to grab television ratings. The event will bring together athletes from over 206 nations, with the opening ceremony being held on August the 5th and the closing ceremony taking place on August the 21st. The Olympic Games always manage to spark tourism within the host country and Brazil will be no different. For a once in a lifetime experience, be sure to leave for Brazil as soon as possible. The event is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, so be sure to schedule your trip accordingly. FULL POST

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